The Fall…The Break

We are in Georgia for this Thanksgiving week. Yesterday, Jason, Natalie and Nicholas went to Jason’s brother’s house to ride their horses. Well, Natalie fell off a big horse and broke her arm. Apparently while she was riding the horse wiggled (as Natalie calls it while she shakes her body to demonstrate) and she fell off.
I must tell you, Natalie was a Trooper!!! She cried for an hour and half, but as soon as we got to the after-hours clinic she stopped. And she let everybody do what they needed to do to help her. In fact, that is what I told her, was that we needed to go to the Dr so they could help her arm and help her feel better. It was kind of funny because every time someone looked at her arm, x-rayed it, or whatever, she would say, “It doesn’t feel better.” I realized she must have thought it was going to be instant relief. 🙂
The Dr here did say that it was a significant break and they put a splint-like cast on it until we get back to Orlando to see an Orthopedic. So please pray for us. Natalie, of course, is uncomfortable and more whiney. She has said several times today (with great sadness), “I don’t have two hands to play with (or eat, or drink or whatever it is she is trying to do)”. And pray for Jason and me as we do our best to help her. Lastly, pray for Nicholas, he is more clingy as a result of all this too.
Thanks so much!
Here is a picture of her riding the horse (of which she had a blast until the fall):

And here is a picture once we arrived back to Jason’s parents with her splint on:



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4 responses to “The Fall…The Break

  1. rob


    I broke my arm when I was 4. Poor thing! 😦

  2. Rinnie

    So sorry – I will be praying for you guys and her!!

  3. Pam

    Awww! Poor little Natalie-girl. I’m sorry! I hope she starts to feel better soon. Keep the Tylenol flowing! 🙂

  4. She’s on a HUGE horse!

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