Uninvited Visitor

We had an univited visitor the other day. And it was not my friend, Keva. She was visiting us, which is why I went to get our pack and play out of the garage. She was going to lay down her sweet baby for a nap. So, when I went to set up the pack and play, I pulled it out of the bag and I feel this thing sliver across my foot. Yes, I did say sliver. Because I looked down and there was a SNAKE slivering across my room. I immediately screamed really loud and my friend, Keva called out to check on me. I told her there was a snake in my room and to keep watch on the door while I went to get the neighbor (Jason was at work).

Well, the neighbor comes over, goes in my room, and the snake is no where to be found!!! Keva assured me that he had not left the room, so we assumed he was still somewhere in the bedroom. We decided to shut the bedroom door and cover the bottom opening with a blanket to “Keep him in the bedroom”. The neighbor leaves, Keva leaves, and I wait for Jason to come home so he can get this snake. Afterall, there is no way I am sleeping in that room until I know for sure he is out of there!

So, Jason comes home. Searching the room and closet high and low…no snake! I tell him he better find this snake and I am beginning to be really concerned at this point. He tells me, “He’s probably out here in the living room somewhere.” And I say, “NO..because I specifically made sure he was shut up in our bedroom and I have been staying out of the bedroom all day to avoid him.” Well, about 20 minutes goes by and Jason decides to start checking the living room anyway. And wouldn’t you know…the snake was in the living room! UUUGGGHHH!!! I can’t believe it! Who knows how long he was out there just sitting right with me during the day and I had no clue!

Well, Jason grabbed a broom and the snake got all twirled up in it. Then Jason was able to take it right outside. By the way, this was no ordinary garden snake. He was not black or green or whatever else they say garden snakes look like. He had this nice gray and white pattern all over him and was quite fiesty! Can anybody tell from the picture what he might have been? Yikes! snake 2


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13 responses to “Uninvited Visitor

  1. Pam

    That’s lovely!! I actually went to a couple websites to see if I could figure out what kind of snake it is but I couldn’t. Maybe it’s a baby cottonmouth. Where’s it’s mom, I wonder…

  2. Becky W.

    Ha! Scott was out mowing the lawn on Sunday and found a baby black snake in our backyard underneath one of our children’s plastic play toys! It must have something to do with Tropical Storm Ernesto or something…maybe it has flooded and disrupted some of the local snakes’ habitats or something? Ugh!!!

  3. Jenny Matthes

    Jill… Hilarious. Reminds me of the time you and I found a flying cockroach in our kitchen pantry on Saturday morning… remember? And we had to go through all of the bowls and dishes just waiting for the thing to come flying at us. The fun of tropical climates, eh? Hope it wasn’t poisonous. Love to you all… Jenny

  4. Judy Howell

    That is so scary. Ask Jason about the time I found a snake in the basement. He and Jason Curtis caught it. They brought it outside and let it go in the front yard (where it could go back to the basement). Love, Judy

  5. Judy Howell

    By the way, I don’t remember any naked temper tantrums.

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  7. Oh by the way, I went looking that snake up last week. I think its an adolescent black racer. Coloration looks pretty much right on for the young ones.

  8. We have tons of snakes around our house but thank goodness they’ve never come inside. We do have a lizard running around and pooping all over our house though.

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  12. DEB


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