The Cast


That was the color of choice for Natalie’s cast!

We went to the Orthopaedics here in Orlando, yesterday. I tell you, that was a long experience. Just even getting an appointment was long. One nurse said that every kid in Central Florida must have broken a bone over the long weekend, because they were way overbooked. Lovely! We did get an appointment yet waited 2 hours in the lobby. Thankfully they had a big screen TV with cartoons to keep Natalie occupied.

Once again, Natalie did great! She was pretty skiddish and did cry when they took her splint off and began the new cast, and especially when they were pressing on the cast to shape it. Yikes!

We are suppossed to go back next week. They will take it off, do an x-ray and make sure the bone is healing the way they want it, and put on another cast. So, I have a feeling that visit will be pretty rough. But praise God, we did not have to do any setting of the bone or surgery or anything crazy! Thanks for praying!

Another bummer, is that Natalie and I are both sick. I could feel it coming on Sunday night, and sure enough…sick. Poor Natalie is coughing a ton and mine is congested in my head. I sure hope we wake up tomorrow feeling much better.

Here is the x-ray from Natalie’s arm:
natalie’s xray
It is broken at the top of her Radius bone. Where the arrow is, that is where it is suppossed to be straight all the way to the end.



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8 responses to “The Cast

  1. She sure it photogenenic! I like the purple.

  2. Allison Hooks

    The purple looks great Natalie! I hope you and your mommy feel better very soon!

  3. rob

    I broke my arm when I was 4. I didn’t get cool colors on my cast. It was just plain white.

    Then I broke both of my arms when I was 10. Eventually I got sort of a yellow-ish tinge cast.

  4. Baby Berlyn

    Natalie –
    Maybe one day i will break my arm and get a cool purple cast like you! My mommy told me how brave you were at the doctor’s office. I’ve never seen a real cast before. If we come over, will you show it to me?
    Love you!
    Baby Berlyn

  5. Jen

    WOW! I am so sorry Natalie! At least you get a cool purple cast. Maybe Lindsey can come over and sign it for you. Hang in there Jill! : )

  6. Wow! What a brave little girl! She sure looks happy and proud of her purple cast! I am sorry that she broke her arm, though. “Knock on wood”, none of our kids have broken any bones yet, but I am encouraged by your experience so far. I hope things heal quickly for her!

  7. Hi Natalie:

    Gram and Pop hope you are feeling much better. Your cast is so pretty in purple.
    We love you Natalie, Nicholas, Jill and Jason.
    Love, Gram and Pop Howell

  8. Pam

    Cool cast! I love it. I hope you guys feel better soon.

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