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Money, Money, Money

“Money, money, money, money….MONEY!” Not sure how to communicate that this is a line from the song. But it was what came to my mind as I thought about this post tonight. And, no, it is not because we are swimming in money, or got tons of it recently. In fact, it is just the opposite at the moment.

Today has been a very anxious filled day about money. I think what put me over the edge was paying a wad of money to the Dr for an appointment regarding Nicholas. You know, with the economy the way it is right now, it is hard not to stress or be concerned about money. Seems I encounter it every day, whether it’s when buying groceries or pumping up with gas. It just seems so daunting.

Sometimes I just think how nice it would be not to have to worry about it. And yet, I know that I need to trust God with it and that He will provide for all my needs! But for just a moment, let’s be real and thresh it out. It stinks! It’s scary! And, by golly, I just don’t like it!

SO, tell me, are you feeling the pressure, too? How are you dealing with it?


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Apple Tree Analogy

Ok, I just had to link to this analogy a fellow blogger posted on her blog today –

It paints a picture of exactly where my thoughts have been lately in regards to my own life. You may recall my Responsibility Meltdown. Even just last night, I heard a woman say that you are either in survival mode or successful mode (and some other mode, but I don’t remember what it was). As soon as she said that I thought, “I have totally been in survival mode for YEARS now.” Well, with the kids in school more this year, I have some more time on my hands. The thought of possibly getting to a place in my life where I am not just surviving, has been so exciting. So, as I looked at how I wanted to spend that time, I had a choice to make.

You know, I could have scheduled myself to have something every day that my kids were in school of M,W,F (seriously, there was potential for it). And thankfully, this time, I could foresee what that would look like, and so I decided not to. I am so looking forward to more time for myself. More time to rest, spend time with God, and even do the things that need to be done around the house, so I don’t feel so under the pile when there are piles all over the house!

But you know, it’s like I commented on this lady’s blog…it’s hard not to feel like a slacker when you see other apple trees producing like crazy and you’re not. I am amazed at how hard it has been and is for me to allow myself to rest and not worry about what other trees think of me or comparing myself to those trees. You know, thanks to this analogy, I can see that my years of producing again will come. But, just like the apple tree, I need time to rest. And as far as I see it, I will be producing a different kind of fruit this year- hopefully more fruits of the Spirit like peace, patience, kindness, and gentleness as a result of not being in such a survival mode.

So, where are you? Are you in a season of resting, or producing buckets of apples? Are you in survival mode or succeeding or whatever the third one was? 🙂


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