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Off To Colorado

We are off to Colorado! Our flight leaves at 8:30 this morning. And yes, I am still awake at 12:30 trying to wrap up loose ends. Oh, the joys of packing!

For those of you that don’t know, we are off to our Campus Crusade for Christ staff conference which is held every two years in Ft. Collins. Our family is actually going out two weeks before the conference because Jason is taking some classes. We are really looking forward to it.

I would ask for you to pray for three big things…Safety, Sleep, and Health (immune systems)!

I’ll be posting as I am able. Hopefully with lots of cool pics too!

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Ode to Naps

Naps, Oh, Naps
Where did you go?
I’ve loved you for years
Oh don’t you know

It seems my kids don’t feel the same
If you’re gone forever,
I think I’ll go insane

The kids’ on-going energy
baffles me so
Oh, please nap-time
please don’t go!

As you can see, naptimes are fading away in our house. It seems that Natalie (4 1/2) doesn’t sleep anymore in the afternoons at all. And Nicholas (3) is aware of her lack of sleeping and finds it fun to go in her room to play (although he probably really does still need the sleep). Many times they are so quiet about it, that I am not even aware they aren’t sleeping. Which is all fine and dandy until they errupt into fighting!

Needless to say this new phase of my life is exhausting me. You see, I am a pretty introverted, need-lots-of-alone time and down-time person. So, I have grown to love these 2 hours or so in the afternoons to do whatever it is that I want to do or need to do without being interuppted. Key words – not interuppted! Oh, how will I make it?!


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The Automatic Flusher

My friend, Mike wrote about his feelings about the automatic paper towel dispenser. Which I personally don’t mind too much. However, he has a good point about it when it isn’t working!

I must say one thing I think is a big waste is the automatic toilet flusher!

First of all, who really touches the manual handle when they are using a public toilet like that anyway. Doesn’t everybody just use their foot to flush it?!

Second, a few times it has flushed on Natalie while she was sitting on it and has therefore freaked her out totally! To where now we have to convince her when it is not an auto flusher or if it is, we have to drape toilet paper over the sensor in order for her to use it!

And lastly, is it really more sanitary to have it flush prematurely all over your tush?!


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Grease Babies

Several of us the other night at Life Group were talking about the Movie “Grease”. We were talking about how we watched it when we were little and now realize how unpure it truly is. Well, this one is definitely more pure –

greaser babies

Thanks to Dolly for posting this.

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Beach Weekend

This weekend we went to see my family at the beach. It was a really nice time. Actually as I look back at the pictures, it was pretty eventful. You can see the pictures too on my Flickr slideshow.

~Time at the Beach
~Swimming in the Pool
~Catching a little fish we called “EllaBean” (named after Nat and Nick’s cousin)
~Riding a 3 person tube behind my brother’s boat
~Catching a crab we called “Crabby Carol” (my mom named that after herself)
~Celebrating Father’s day with Jason and my dad (he came down too!)


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Can You Beat God?

Apparently Natalie thinks so…

Often, in an effort to get my kids to move a little faster, I’ll say, “Who would like to get their shoes on really fast?” Or the kids will even do it amongst themselves.

They will always end with, “I won!’ or “I did it first!”

Well, the other day, Nicholas was clearly done first and so I even went on in to the garage to put him in his car seat. I hear Natalie still in the hallway say, “I got my shoes on before God!” And I thought, “What did she just say?” So, just to make sure, I called back, “Before who?” And sure enough she answered, confidently, “GOD“.


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Vacation Bible School

vbsThis is my third year to be teaching Vacation Bible School at our church. Each time I have taught the 5th grade girls (which is a great group by the way). The last two years Natalie and Nicholas have basically been in the VBS childcare. They do a few of the activities but not as much as a true participant.

SO, I am sitting there tonight in the orientation and it hits me! I am not just a teacher this year, I am a parent! Natalie is now a participant! She was so cute sitting up there with her little friends and her teacher (totally independent of mommy, I might add). I can’t believe she is already 4 years old, pre-k, and a VBS participant! WOW!

I also realized that being a parent of a VBS participant means I help her to do HER work for VBS. In our church, our kids are responsible for memorizing verses and doing acts of kindness each day. And as a parent, I am suppossed to help her learn it and record her acts of kindness.

So, here’s to our first year as parents and not just some other kids teacher!

Natalie’s verse to learn by the end of the week is “For this God, is our God forever and ever; He will be our guide even to the end.” Psalm 48:14


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