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Steak and Shake in a Shaky Economy

We are in one of those stages right now where I just can not figure out what in the world to fix and eat for dinner. Anything I can possibly think of to make here, just sounds horrible. So tonight, we headed to one of the kids’ favorite places, Steak and Shake, for dinner.

We had the nicest waitress. I told her of my struggle with being pregnant and not knowing what I wanted to eat, as I was trying to choose between a hamburger or a spicy chicken sandwich (a big hit for me lately). She completely empathized with me and told us of how she has four kids. Through out our time there, we inquired more of her and began to learn more of her life.

Turns out she and her family just moved here 2 months ago because her husband was laid off in Alabama. They came here to be closer to an Uncle. I asked her how her kids were adjusting to the move. She tells us how they are not doing well at all with it because they are all staying in a shelter. Apparently her husband goes to work during the day and she comes to work at night. But even then, she is only able to get 20 hours a week. The economy is definitely being hard on them!

Jason and I were so moved listening to her tell their story. A few times my eyes welled up with tears thinking of their family of 6 sleeping in one room in a shelter. It was neat because it wasn’t like she was having a pity party and pouring all this on us, but as we asked questions, she just opened up and shared from her heart. She had such a positive spirit about it all and even mentioned how God would take care of them. It was convicting because as I anticipate hardship for ourselves this next year, I get very fearful of how the Lord will provide for us. Yet, I am reminded tonight and through another friend’s story of God’s provision that I just read, that He will take care of us. We will make it with His help!

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Celebrating Christmas

This year has been a great year of Christmas Celebrations. My favorite was attending a “Walk thru Bethlehem” Live Nativity. I have always wanted to see one. And it was fabulous! Definitely need to keep that as a tradition.

Another tradition that we have done since I moved here 9 years ago, is attend the “Snow Falling”. And now that we have kids, they really love playing in the “snow”. It cracked me up to because on the way there, Natalie was recalling almost every detail of what we usually do there…the snow, visit Santa, ride the train, etc. That girl has a memory!

We have also had Nick’s preschool Christmas program, a few other Christmas parties, and Thursday will be Nat’s program and a trip to Atlanta to visit family. And then my most favorite of all celebrations, the Christmas Eve service at Church! I love how it helps to keep my focus on the true reason for the season – Jesus!

Here are some pictures of our Celebrations so far –



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Buckeling Down

Lately I have been having lots of thoughts about how much we need to buckle down with our kids before this next baby comes. Do you think it is unrealistic to think we could have our kids be responsible, thoughtful, helpful, and kind to each other before this next kid comes? The other day I actually thought about how to implement strategies to help accomplish this in the next 6 months. Here is what I figure we need:

Responsibility/Chore Chart
Behavior Chart
Kindness Jar
Fruit of the Spirit Sticker Chart
Begin giving allowance/teaching them money management


Seriously though, I do find myself overwhelmed by the thought of how chaotic our lives can seem right now and yet there will be another one soon. I even found myself praying the other day about my kids fighting. “Lord, I know that sibling conflict is common. But please could you make us an exception. I can not live like this!”

Then there is the whole money thing. Nicholas said to me the other day, “Mommy, why don’t we have a big house?” To which I said, “Well, for one, you need more money to get a bigger house. And, two, God has given us exactly what we need and just the right space for us.” And then he said, “Well, just get more money.” Oh, if only it was that easy!

So, I’m not sure if anything will really change or not. But a girl can dream!

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While reading a story from the Bible about Mary, Natalie posed a question:

“How did they get the baby out of Mary?”

“The same way as all babies.”

“But they didn’t have a sewing machine then? How will they sew her up?”

That’s right, my child believes every baby is cut out of the mommy’s belly and then they sew her up (and with a sewing machine at that!). I guess because I had two c-sections. And quite frankly, I’m not really sure I want to explain it to her any differently.


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Stray Cat

Tonight has been an interesting night. It all started a week ago when a neighbor came frantically to our door looking for her cat. She was so upset and came around again with fliers. Well, this had a huge impact on Natalie. She felt so bad for the lady and the cat that she even woke up in the middle of the night and came in our room about it. She said, “Daddy, can you please take me back to bed and pray for Sophie (the cat)?”

So, tonight we had our windows open and we hear this cat outside our window. It just kept meowing and would not go away. At first glance it looked just like Sophie’s picture on the flier. So, I went outside and calmly talked to the cat to get her to come closer and take a better look. I compared it to the flier over and over. Well, the cat got more comfortable and started doing the whole rubbing up against me for attention. So, Natalie and I sat outside for a while petting the cat. I did eventually decide it was not Sophie afterall. But because the cat was so starved for attention, I continued to pet it. Well, would you believe…all the sudden the crazy thing BIT me! Totally out of the blue! We quickly got up and went inside to wash it and put peroxide on it.

A couple of hours later and several phone calls, I was very close to going to the emergency room (mostly because I am pregnant and because it was a stray). Especially after speaking to the Dr that was on-call for my OB-GYN. Who was hilarious by the way! At one point he said, “Too bad your husband didn’t have a gun. If some cat bit my wife, I’d shoot it and then call animal services to check for rabies.” At another point, he asked which Hospital was closest to me. I told him and then said, “But I’m not a big fan of that one.” To which he replied, “Well, it’s not like you need a brain surgeon.”

I decide to call Animal Services and report it. Then, I am seeing on medical websites, that once a human shows symptoms of rabies, then there is nothing you can do. You die. (Oh the joys of information at our fingertips). I start thinking maybe I should go to the ER like the OB said, just to be safe.

Amazingly, Praise the Lord, animal services came to our door. The lady that helped us was so nice! Turns out, when I walked her outside to show her our neighbors’ vacant house, THERE WAS THE CAT! YAY! Animal services told me it was my lucky day and put the trap up right then. About 20 minutes later, the cat was trapped in the cage.

This is a huge answer to prayer! Now they can quarantine the cat and make sure it doesn’t have rabies. Otherwise, I would’ve had to get 5 shots of vaccinations as a precautionary measure. Not to mention the expense and time of a trip to the ER. I SO did not want to have to go through all of that!

So, the moral to the story, don’t mess with stray animals! I’ll certainly never do that again!


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