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5-A-Day Fruit/Veggie Chart

5-A-Day logoHave you heard about the 5-A-Day program that is being promoted? Such websites as or Dole’s talk more about it.

In pursuit of helping us to eat healthier, I created a new chart to help our kids eat more fruits and veggies. Natalie and Nicholas have really enjoyed it! So, I posted it on my health blog to offer it to people as a tool for their kids too. How cool would that be if it is used somewhere all over the world and I created it?!

So, if you would like to see it or even try it for your kids, you can check it out here.

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Another Reason…

socksAnother reason I am glad we don’t live up north in cold weather…SOCKS!

We have had a cold front here this week and so we have had to wear socks to keep the little feetsies warm! So, as a result, I have sock issues! Having to wash socks, having random socks because you can’t find the match after doing laundry, seeing lots of random socks all over the house because my kids take them off at random times and in random places of the house, having the issue of cold feet when you go to bed (socks on) and then feet get hot while sleeping (so you have to take them off), then you have a pile of socks beside the bed that keeps growing each night.

So, my conclusion from this experience – NO COLD weather, NO SOCKS!


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Shower Collapse

Ok, so our shower collapsed this weekend! That’s right…crumbled away!

We were planning to regrout, and even went to try it. We decided after just a few scrapes that it was going to be way more effort than we were willing to do that day. So, what happens, later, some of the tiles just caved in. A very similar experience to our friends.

showerThis is the initial damage. But as Jason went to take more out, it just all crumbled. There absolutely was no dry wall behind most of the tiles!!!

First thought – “Guess we’re redoing the shower.”

shower bareHere is our shower now after Jason cleaned out the tile and rotted dry wall.

Well, little did we know that it was way more of a complex issue than just slapping some more tile up there and Voila!

You see, just a couple of weeks ago we had a leak from our pipes in the wall between the garage and dining room. The plumber said we should seriously consider re-piping the copper pipes in our whole house (which, by the way, costs lots of money). We didn’t think much about it at the time and wondered if we really needed to do it. Then, when the shower caved in, we realize we should really revisit the idea. Afterall, our shower pipes are exposed and they have some signs of a slow leak themselves.

We were also told tonight from a plumber that our shower pan (which is the whole base for the shower and drain) will need to be replaced, as it is all rotted and is rotting the drywall all around it. Lovely!

We are also thinking about a bath tub/shower combo. This is something we considered, but didn’t think possible because our drain is offset. But since they are going to be jack hammering the ground anyway…it could work. However, now we can’t decide! There are pros and cons to both.

What do you think? Bathtub/shower combo, or just back to the stand alone shower?

One major bonus from this whole situation –
We don’t have that horribly, ugly, awkward, yucky accordian door anymore!!!! YEA!!!


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Happy Valentine’s Day

valentinesHope you are having a great day today! I awoke to Tulips this morning from Jason! I love tulips…they are just so cute!!!

On Saturday, Jason took Natalie to a Father/Daughter dance. It was so sweet and cute! I love that for her…that she has a father who loves her and cherishes her. Here are some pictures from their time. Jason said she danced all night either with him or her little friends there.

daddy dance

dancing girls

Also here is a video of her too! So cute!!!


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The Mailbox

mailboxYou would think that the mailbox for our house is a mile away.

Why do I say that?

Well, because I can’t seem to get up the motivation to get things out to the mail in a timely manner. I haven’t put thank you notes, birthday cards, and even a very belated Christmas card in the mailbox. And most of the them I have already written and sealed. I keep thinking, “I need to get a stamp on those.” or “I need to look up that address.” or “Well, I don’t want to walk out to the mailbox now, so I’ll do it later.”

I don’t even get the mail OUT of the mailbox. That has become Jason’s ritual when he comes home from work. He pulls right up to it in his truck and then drives on to the driveway.

Maybe I would’ve been a lot better off when they did it the old way. Where it was right at your door!


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Frustrated, irritated, disconnected from it all. The weight of the world has pushed me to the wall. I surrender, to You I’m giving in. Come take, break me, I want to start again. Open my broken heart, cause I’ve reached the end, and you are the way to begin.

This is a song by Krystal Meyers. And that is how I feel today.

It was one of those days where things didn’t go well. We didn’t get into the preschool (long story). We had a leak in our dining room wall from a pipe. I woke up three times in the middle of the night last night. SO, I’m tired. My order at the restaurant came out incorrect. And I am noticing a corn or callous or something on my foot (and it really hurts).

I am glad that I can also relate to the rest of the song that speaks to surrendering to the Lord! That hasn’t always been the case these past few years. But I am beginning to get to a point of seeking Him in the midst of these frustrating situations.


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To Do Pre-K or Not

preschool lettersThat is the big question around our house right now!

For those of you that don’t know, Florida offers a free voluntary Pre-K program (VPK). That’s right – free! And the other cool thing is that many churches that were already offering Pre-K are now offering the free program.

So, what is the question?

Well, I don’t know if it is because Natalie is our first child or what. But at one moment, I think this would really be great for her. She would love it! She is such an extrovert and loves people and learning! Then in the next moment, I think how I am not ready for her to go to school yet. I love being with her! (as much as she can drive me crazy sometimes) Plus there are the concerns of choosing the right place for her. Are the other kids going to be a good influence on her? Will she be safe? All kinds of questions begin to enter my mind.

And the process of getting in…my goodness!!! You would think I was trying to get her into the Olympics or something! It is such a great effort and challenge! For obvious reasons, the VPre-K program is very popular and hard to get into.

In fact, Natalie is #23 on the list at one school I called. And the other school I looked into has only 2 spots left (and they begin public enrollment on Monday). Of which, I asked that lady, “So, do I need to camp-out to get her in?”

Well, I guess that’ll for sure be the deciding factor, if we can’t even get her in!

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