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The Cast


That was the color of choice for Natalie’s cast!

We went to the Orthopaedics here in Orlando, yesterday. I tell you, that was a long experience. Just even getting an appointment was long. One nurse said that every kid in Central Florida must have broken a bone over the long weekend, because they were way overbooked. Lovely! We did get an appointment yet waited 2 hours in the lobby. Thankfully they had a big screen TV with cartoons to keep Natalie occupied.

Once again, Natalie did great! She was pretty skiddish and did cry when they took her splint off and began the new cast, and especially when they were pressing on the cast to shape it. Yikes!

We are suppossed to go back next week. They will take it off, do an x-ray and make sure the bone is healing the way they want it, and put on another cast. So, I have a feeling that visit will be pretty rough. But praise God, we did not have to do any setting of the bone or surgery or anything crazy! Thanks for praying!

Another bummer, is that Natalie and I are both sick. I could feel it coming on Sunday night, and sure enough…sick. Poor Natalie is coughing a ton and mine is congested in my head. I sure hope we wake up tomorrow feeling much better.

Here is the x-ray from Natalie’s arm:
natalie’s xray
It is broken at the top of her Radius bone. Where the arrow is, that is where it is suppossed to be straight all the way to the end.


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The Fall…The Break

We are in Georgia for this Thanksgiving week. Yesterday, Jason, Natalie and Nicholas went to Jason’s brother’s house to ride their horses. Well, Natalie fell off a big horse and broke her arm. Apparently while she was riding the horse wiggled (as Natalie calls it while she shakes her body to demonstrate) and she fell off.
I must tell you, Natalie was a Trooper!!! She cried for an hour and half, but as soon as we got to the after-hours clinic she stopped. And she let everybody do what they needed to do to help her. In fact, that is what I told her, was that we needed to go to the Dr so they could help her arm and help her feel better. It was kind of funny because every time someone looked at her arm, x-rayed it, or whatever, she would say, “It doesn’t feel better.” I realized she must have thought it was going to be instant relief. 🙂
The Dr here did say that it was a significant break and they put a splint-like cast on it until we get back to Orlando to see an Orthopedic. So please pray for us. Natalie, of course, is uncomfortable and more whiney. She has said several times today (with great sadness), “I don’t have two hands to play with (or eat, or drink or whatever it is she is trying to do)”. And pray for Jason and me as we do our best to help her. Lastly, pray for Nicholas, he is more clingy as a result of all this too.
Thanks so much!
Here is a picture of her riding the horse (of which she had a blast until the fall):

And here is a picture once we arrived back to Jason’s parents with her splint on:


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Funny Things Natalie Says

silly girl
Natalie counting the other day (by the way she is 3 1/2 years old), “1,2,3,4,…….25,26,27,28,29,20-10, 20-11, 20-12.”

“Mommy, when I grow up I am going to marry Daddy and be a Mommy just like you.”

After watching the movie, Ice Princess she said, “I want to learn how to ice-skate like those girls. And I don’t want you to hold my hand, I want to do it all by myself. And I want to be on TV and you guys can watch me on TV.”

She and Nicholas take turns shutting the back door when we come home (woo hoo). Well, Nicholas asked to shut it and then Natalie asked to shut it. We said Nicholas could shut it and she said, “I NEVER get to shut the door!” (gee…I thought that line of thinking didn’t happend until later in life. Of course, maybe it is just a sign of things to come when she is a teenager. yikes!)

“I want the bugs to die and go to bug land!” (more confirmation of her dislike for bugs…see Love Bugs)

One night we went to check on Natalie before we went to bed. She was completely asleep when we leaned down to kiss her and she said out really loud, “Excuse me! Excuse me!”

Here is what Natalie said the other day about her “Mellow” teddy bear (which she has had since she was a baby).
“Mommy, I need a new Mellow. I can get a new Mellow in Heaven. And I’ll take my old one to Heaven and give it to God and He can sleep with it.”

After a discussion about God and sin, I asked her if she knew what sin was, and she said, “Yea. God washes my skin.” (I thought that is what I heard her singing in a song a few times, and her statement confirms it.)


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Watch Them Grow

This one is for Uncle Josh! Growth Chart

He said he wants to watch them grow. 🙂

Here they are in front of their Growth Chart.
Natalie is 3 ft. 3 inches.
Nicholas is 2 ft. 10 1/2 inches.

And to keep up with their age, you can always refer back to their Birthday Tickers.

Hee Hee! 🙂

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Nobody’s Better Than Me

“Nobody’s better than me. I’m special as special can be.”madeline

Madeline spoke to me the other day. While the kids were watching Madeline, I was singing the song in my head and realized there was really truth for me in that little song.

In the cartoon, Madeline struggles with feeling inferior to this other little girl and feels like she doesn’t have anything special about herself. In the end, she realizes that she is special and does have much to offer.

This is a struggle in my life as well. So, I am thankful for the reminder from a little red-head cartoon.

Who would’ve thought Madeline would’ve ministered to me?

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Might as well eat what you want, we are all going to die some day.” This is literally what I said most of my life.

I remember thinking that health, nutrition, and alternative therapies were so weird and quacky!

Well, I have lots of sinus problems, hypothyroid, hormone imbalance, stomach issues, and IgA deficiency (an immune deficiency). Some of these things I lived with most of my life, but honestly didn’t really care that much about at the time. In fact, living like that was all I knew. I never dreamed what it would be like to be healthy. In fact, I thought it was normal to not be able to breathe through my nose very well, get sick frequently, and to have an upset stomach every now and then (which later progressed to Irritable Bowel Syndrome).

When my daughter, Natalie was a baby she had several Urinary Tract Infections, and they discovered she had a reflux in her ureter that was causing them and might continue to cause them until she grew out of it at like age 2 or 3. Doctors wanted to put her on an anti-biotic everyday for a year as a preventative measure. There was a check in my gut that thought to look into it more. So, I did. I came home and looked on the internet for anything I could find out. I also was referred to a pediatrician MD who was open to alternative treatments. So, she told us about a natural product called Clear Tract and it worked!!!

It was through that experience that I became more open to alternative treatments and more natural approaches. Afterall, if this could work in that situation, what other natural approaches might there be for other health challenges. And that opened up a WHOLE NEW PERSPECTIVE for me!

So, for the past couple of years, I have been so intrigued by it and would say it is now a passion of mine. I have looked into so many different facets of health and nutrition, and continue to look and learn more all the time. I have discovered that it is like a PUZZLE! There are so many different aspects to our bodies, the world, and culture we live in that effect our health. There is no real “quick-fix”, which is really hard for me. I am more of an instant gratification person, so that can be very frustrating to me at times. I want a Dr. or someone just to tell me how to fix the symptom or take a drug to make me feel better quickly. But I am learning that it is a process, and finding the different pieces of the puzzle takes time.

Some of my friends mentioned that I should blog about it all and share some of the things I am learning and find. So, I am deciding to give it a try. Afterall, if what I am learning can benefit someone else, then that would be awesome! Now, the things I plan to blog about are anywhere from everyday issues, simple things to implement, great products, to more deeper complexities. So, if you have health problems and want to know more about them…or better yet, you don’t have problems and don’t want to either (therefore you want to work on Prevention), then I invite you to join me. Either way…Enjoy!

Here is the link to my new blog entitled, “Finding the Pieces to the Health Puzzle” it is at


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Halloween was fun! The kids thought it was the greatest thing ever to get dressed up and go ask for candy!

Natalie dressed up as, in her words, “A Beautiful Princess” and Nicholas was a “Georgia Bulldog Football Player”.

Here is a slide show that I made of our time this year. Enjoy!

halloween kids


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