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Fun in the Tree

So, Natalie and Nicholas have discovered the big tree in our front yard. They like to get in it, but the problem is that they can’t climb it. They just want you to pick them up and put them in it. Anyways…here are some pics of Nat and Nicko in the BIG tree!

tree kids

tree nat

tree silly kids

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Just Right

The other day, Natalie and I were in the mini-van. She was hot so I turned on the air for her in the back seat (another great feature I love). She said, “I’m still hot.” So, I turned it up and asked, “Is that better?” To which she replied, “Now it’s too LOUD.” I said, “Oh, really.” And she said, “Yes. It needs to be JUST RIGHT.”

I have no earthly idea where she gets that from! 🙂

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This is What’s Keeping Me Busy!

girls night girlSo, you may have noticed that my posting on here has gone down quite a bit since the New Year. Part of that is because any time I was on the computer, I was looking at or trying to find a car. Well, thankfully that is over!!! But there has been something else that has been keeping me very busy. At work we are preparing for a big event at the end of the month called Girls’ Night Out.

It’s a pretty big deal for me and the other ladies I am working with on it. We are planning a great evening of vendors for women – massages, beauty treatments, financial planning tips, etc. And Amanda Ober from WESH2 news is speaking for us on “Finding Balance in Life”.

If you’re local and you would like to come, let me know. Otherwise, I would so appreciate prayers that it all goes well and that we have lots of women there!

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Happy Valentine’s Day

Hope your husband doesn’t treat you like these ones did their wives!

camping husband

carry husband

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Another Great Thing

I discovered another great thing about our mini-van today! We have rear audio controls with headset jacks for headphones. I decided to try it out with the kids.

Well, for one, how great is it that the kids can listen to their own kiddie music and I don’t have to!

And two, I can still listen to mine at the same time through the normal speakers! How cool is that!

Now, there is one flaw to the system. That’s when the kids start singing out LOUD the words to the songs only they can hear! 🙂

minivan audio


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We Have Entered Mini-Van World!

Yes, that’s right! We entered mini-van world this week.

God provided just the right one for us and within our price range! Which I must say was difficult to do! (But not too difficult for God)


You know, we have only had it a couple of days, and I must say I really like the mini-van! Here are some reasons why:

~It’s much cooler then the family one I drove as a teenager!

~I especially love the power sliding door feature! It really is fun to walk to the car and open it with the click of a button.

~We really like that the model we have has passenger windows that roll down.

~The gas mileage is better than an SUV. And let’s face it…it’s hard to not think about that factor with gas at $3 a gallon!

~I also love all the space! At first, I didn’t think we would need it. But it really is nice. And I am sure we will appreciate the space even more when we carry other people with us.

Thanks for all your input when we were making the decision! Sorry to disappoint you, Kristin, by entering minivan world! 🙂


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