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Political Calls

Seriously…does anyone really sit and listen to those political phone calls? Especially considering they call like 5 times a day!!!


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She is 5!

I can’t believe our sweet little girl is already 5 today! She is growing up way too fast! Jason and I have been joking with her and telling her that we weren’t going to let her turn 5. But, alas, we can not stop the days from turning.

Natalie woke up this morning and the first thing she wanted to do was see how tall she was and how much she had grown. She has grown 1 1/2 inches since we checked last!!!

I was reflecting last night on what I love about Natalie. First off, I love her smile with her big dimples! And her eyes are so beautiful! Then, there is her love for life and all things fun! She is so passionate and loyal. Sometimes a bit too determined for her own good. 🙂 And loves to laugh!

We celebrated yesterday by taking her, Nicholas and 2 friends to Pinocchio’s to see the Cinderella marionette puppet show. It was a really great time! Here are some pictures from our time –


puppet show nat

puppet show friends


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The Exploder is No Longer

The last I wrote was about all the fun stuff we did over Christmas Holidays. Well, one thing I didn’t mention yet is that the day right after Christmas, Jason’s Explorer (or Exploder as we affectionately call it) bit the dust. Jason says that I broke it because I was driving it with Natalie from the Mall. 🙂 But we all know the thing was on it’s last leg – it was a 1992 with 230,000 miles on it! I mean, seriously!

So, it has been real fun lately trying to figure out what to do next (I say that sarcastically). We have been all over the gamut of various options, I have test drove probably over 10 cars in the past couple of weeks, and read so many reviews on the web, that I am about to go crazy! We started out thinking we would probably get a minivan, then we saw some pretty cool crossovers and mini-suv vehicles, that we started trying those. Now, keep in mind that we aren’t getting anything new, so we pretty much have to check inventory for all of Orlando to see if they have the one we want to test-drive.

What gets me is these crazy sales people that think just because you came in to check something out, and drove it for 5 minutes, that you are ready to take their offer! I mean, come on! I explained to one guy, that I pretty much research everything before I buy it all the way down to foods and make-up, and that I am in the very beginning stages of figuring all this out. And boy, do I really feel like it! Sometimes I feel like I haven’t even made any progress! Especially when you get on Consumer Guide or Edmunds and read reviews, then you feel like there must not be anything quality or reliable out there! And then you add in the kid factor! My goodness! If there is ever a time to see their bad behavior come out…it has been while test-driving vehicles! I have decided that Nicholas is a typical boy. All he wants to do is touch every button or gadget possible (over and over)! And then the arguing! Wow!

So, I think we have narrowed it down to like 8 possibilities that fit within our criteria (basically a larger vehicle that could haul friends and family with us, so a 3rd row seat, reliability, quality, and good gas mileage)- Now, some of these are in our dreams because they are more expensive than our budget, but what do you think?
Toyota Highlander
Toyota Sienna
Honda Pilot
Honda Odyssey
Buick Rendezvous
Hyundai Entourage
Hyundai Santa Fe
Ford Freestyle

Would you believe, that reading the reviews on these show issues on all of them! I was completely surprised by that on the Toyota and Honda! So, I don’t know what to think. I welcome any suggestions or ideas.


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The Holidays at our House

So the Holidays at our house were busier than I anticipated. You see, I still am in the thought process of the Holidays meaning lots of down time, relaxing, catching up on projects, etc. Well, as I told a friend yesterday, I think those days are over now that we have kids. Three and four year olds don’t really like to sit around! And if we did plan to sit around…they would drive me insane with their fighting picking at each other, so we might as well get out and do fun stuff together. So, here are some of the fun things we did in the last few weeks (click on the pic for a larger view):
We went ice-skating. The kids loved it!
nick skating
nat skating
nat with mommy skating

My brother took us to Disney World – Thanks Scott! We had such a great time! (That’s my niece with us)

Natalie sang at school in a Christmas program.
natalie singing

We went to Celebration and played in the fake snow. We do that every year…it’s really fun. We also go to see Santa, but this year they increased the price to $21 for a picture with him!
natalie snow
nick snow
This is Nick tuckered with his sucker after playing in the snow.
tuckered sucker

Then there was our actual Christmas celebrations –
christmas kids
gingerbread house
nick presents
nat presents
in the ocean
Yes..they were in the ocean two days before Christmas! That’s Christmas in Florida for you!

Then after Christmas we went Camping. That’s right…I went camping! We have never been together as a family, and I pretty much said that I would never go. So, this was a big deal. I must say…it was really fun! I will definitely bring an air mattress next time, as sleeping on the hard ground was not fun at all! One fun thing was sitting around the campfire. I told Natalie that people usually tell ghost stories. So, in the interest of not freaking the kids out, we told simple mild stories and didn’t even mention a ghost. But Natalie, in every story, she would say something like, “Then the ghost would come and eat them all up!” It was hilarious!
camping canoe
turtle on our hike

Jason’s parents came to visit. We had a great time with them. One of the days we went to Seaworld.
gram nick seaworld
crab ride

So that was our Holiday! It was lots of fun! What all did you do for the Holidays?


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