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Good to be Home

houseIt’s good to be home.” That is what Natalie said this morning while eating breakfast. I couldn’t agree more!

I just love coming home after being gone. I love my house, my bed, my food, my relaxation, etc. Yet, then there is the house (cleaning it), the bed (changing it), the food (cooking it), and the relaxation (short-lived).

We got home Saturday afternoon, and I have been relaxing (mostly because I am still sick). However, the realization that life most resume back to normal is slowly starting to sink in. I mean afterall, we do need to eat dinner tonight. So, there needs to be some thought to that issue, which leads to going to the store, which leads to thinking about it, which leads to – relaxation ending.

As for our trip, it was good. Surprisingly good. I mean, afterall, we were all sick leaving for the trip. On the way to Charlotte, the check engine light came on, which meant a trip to the Toyota dealer. We were in and out of the car several times a day. Yet, I think God really helped us to persevere. He shed new light on “I can do all things through Christ, who strengthens me” (Phil 4:13).

Most days, I felt better, which was good. Then the last day I was there, I got really sick again with this sinus junk! I am still sick and not sure I can possibly cough anymore without coughing up a lung. But at least I made it through the trip. As for the car, amazingly we didn’t have to pay for anything and they gave us a loaner car while we were there. Apparently we needed a new catalytic converter and computer, and they said it was covered under some federal emmissions law. Not sure what they meant by that, but sounds good to me! Praises!

So, alas, we are home. And it is good. Very good!



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Can someone say CRAZINESS?!

That is how my life is right now!

suitcaseI was out of town Oct 12-15. Came home. Jason left to go to New Orleans on Wed, Oct. 18. And I decided to also leave that same day to go see my family while Jason was gone. Thinking that would be a welcome break from being here with the kids by myself (considering I am a BIG chicken when it comes to being home alone by myself, which if you know about our neighborhood drama right now, that doesn’t help matters. Oh, and the kids might drive me crazy if I am here with them by myself).

Well, in the midst of my first trip, I got sick with some sort of cold/allergy thing. It has remained through my second trip. And now looks like it will remain for our third trip.

Third trip??? (you say). Yes! A THIRD TRIP! This time it is a trip to North Carolina for Ministry Partner development.

I know, I know. What in the world were we thinking when we scheduled all this. And quite honestly, I would have to say, I wasn’t! You see, I am learning I am a slow processor when it comes to receiving information and making decisions, etc. I usually find out something or make a decision, and think, “Oh yea. Sure that’ll be fine. Sounds good. Etc.” And then later, in the midst of the situation, I think, “what is happening? or how did this happen? or did I miss something?” (I really need to work on that issue!)

So, we are off next week on our travels. And I am still sick. This sinusy thing has now moved to my chest. And for the most part, doesn’t bother me that much except at night. Like right now, as I type this, I am moving very close to coughing up my left lung. So, looks like tonight is going to be another night of blissful sleep!


(oh. fyi – I found the pic on Flickr and it is from Heather.)


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Greeting Card

I have been away at our Priority Associates Wive’s Retreat.

It was a great time! These women are really fun to be with and I enjoyed getting to know several of them better.

Our Emcee, was Heather, and she does a fabulous job. Very entertaining and witty. She has an obsession with greeting cards. A new tradition in our times together, Heather, will show us the cards, recite for us and then give it to the person she thinks it best fits. It is quite humorous!

Here is the card she picked for me:

Kind of funny, since I very often say, “I’m in my own little world.” So, thanks Heather.


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Our Anniversary

cirqueOur anniversary was Saturday. We have been married 6 years.

To celebrate, Jason took me to Cirque du Soleil, La Nouba. I have been wanting to go for so long and it was well worth it!!! It is absolutely fabulous! The talent these people have is amazing!

If you don’t know what it is, La Nouba is part circus and part theater, bringing together gymnasts, tumblers, vocalists and dancers. Absent are the animals, dust and ringmaster, but there is still plenty of circus entertainment from the clowns, high-wire act and the flying trapeze. There are several different skills/Acts performed throughout the show.

Here are some of my favorites:

cirque 2The Diabolos (Chinese Yo-Yo). These little girls (all under 14 years old) use a rope to toss a heavy wooden spool through the air while performing flips and keeping time with the music. Abosultely amazing!

cirque 3I also thought the Roue allemande (German Wheel) was really cool! These guys are balanced in this hoop and twist and turn all over the stage, and they make it look so effortless.

Then of course, there is the fascinating Flying Trapeze! I just don’t know how they do that!

cirque 4And I particularly enjoyed the Power Track/Trampoline! Many of the performers show off thier amazing acrobatics. They are jumping, flipping, and flying everywhere. Many times they are jumping over each other or jumping into the windows on this building. Really cool!

And believe it or not, there was so much more. Those are just my highlights and favorites! So, thank you, Jason, for surprising me with this. And thank you to my dear friend, Jennifer and her family, who kept our kids that night so we could go. What a blessing!


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Why Is It?

question markWhy is it that kids can be “SO HUNGRY” (with a tone like they have been starving for 5 days), yet when you put dinner in front of them, they don’t want anything to eat!

This happens at our house quite frequently! And it is not like we give them snacks before they eat dinner. In fact, the other night we had pizza (which they normally love). But we put it in front of them and they didn’t eat. However, when Jason went to eat their dinner, they chimed right back in and ate it all up!



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My Birthday!

It’s my Birthday, It’s my Birthday.
Happy Birthday to ME!
It’s my Birthday, It’s my Birthday.
Happy Birthday to ME!

Yea…it’s my Birthday!



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Hide and Seek

We were visiting my mom a few weeks ago, and decided to play Hide and Seek. Natalie and Nicholas love this game! Well, Nicholas, my brother, Chris and I decided to hide together, my mom and Natalie were hiding together, and Jason was on the hunt for us.

Nicholas was doing really well and staying very quiet. Jason was on to our spot and was trying to get Nicholas to slip up. Jason started saying, “I love you, Nicholas….Nicholas, where are you?” Chris and I kept motioning to Nicholas to stay quiet and he had the biggest grin on his face and was doing so well.

Then, Jason says, “Nicholas, hey buddy?….Nicholas how old are you?” Nicholas (totally unaware of what he was doing) yells out with great enthusiasm, “TWO!”

BUSTED! We cracked up laughing!

Also, Nicholas received this Georgia Bulldog uniform in the mail from Gram! He looks so cute! Thanks, Gram. Anytime he sees anything with a football on it and you ask him what it is, he says, “Georgia Bulldog!” Jason has him ready already!

Watch this video clip of him…it is really cute!

nick bulldog


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