Who are we

family photoWe are the Howells – Jason, Jill, Natalie and Nicholas. This blog is my (Jill) attempt to keep you updated on the Happenings around our house. We have a lot going on…kids, faith, health stuff, etc. So, I want to invite you in to our world, and sometimes, my mind. Which is what I very often tell people when I am talking about something, “Now you have a glimpse of what goes on in my mind.” 🙂 Enjoy!

9 responses to “Who are we

  1. Nice blog, Jason & Jill! I’m glad you’re doing this.

  2. Carrie Elliott

    I love your family picture

  3. Gabriella Scoleri

    Your blog’s really cute! I can’t wait til I get to have my own.


  4. Hi Jason, Jill, Natalie and Nichols:
    Thanks for the updates. I love you all.
    Love, Mom

  5. Elaine Kemp

    Hi Jill, a great job. I am learning more and more everyday regarding blogs, etc. I love the Gaylord Palms ice show too!

  6. Thanks for the post on my blog about the computer desk. I just posted the updated pictures for the finished project. yipie!
    Love the picture on your blog of the GA cheerleader. 🙂 Go dogs!

  7. Hi!

    I saw a comment from you on another blog asking about chore charts.

    I just blogged about what we use for our family – our kids are a bit older than yours (not too much) but the actual chart we use might help, even if the other ideas do not work for you (they might, though!). There is a link to the chart on my post.


    Hope that helps!

  8. Hey girl! It’s so good to hear from you and I’m thankful for your encouragement about school. It’s great to know that you guys are a step ahead of us and I can learn from you. Natalie and Nicholas are beautiful!!! So cute.

    Is Natalie in preschool now? What are your thoughts about kindergarten? Is it a public or private school?

    I’d love to chat more. You can email me at cayce@crosspointclemson.org.

    Look forward to hearing from you.

  9. my computer desk is of a metal and wood construction, this seems to be very sturdy and it can hold 20 inch montier .-`

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