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We had a free trail month of Netflix this month. It was really fun! Jason and I typically don’t watch many movies…in fact, I don’t think we even went to the movies one time while we were dating. It’s not that we don’t like them…we do. So, I am not really sure what that’s about, just an interesting observation. So here is what we have watched this month and a quick observation of what I thought about them:

The Pursuit of Happyness – good, but very depressing. Seemed like the poor man couldn’t get a break! But thankfully there was victory at the end.
Happy Feet – Disappointing. so many people talked about it, I thought it would be better. I mean the little guy was cute, but his dancing bit got old after a while. And I didn’t care for all the new agey feel of the movie.
The Holiday – Liked it. Kind of slow. But great story line.
The Guardian – I actually didn’t watch it. Jason liked it.
Just Like Heaven – I really liked this one. I just love Reese Witherspoon! She is so non-pretentious. And the story was really cute and sweet.
Failure to Launch – quirky but cute. Too much like “How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days”, so not very unique. But fun to watch.
The Cutting Edge – I used to ice-skate competitively growing up, so I enjoy watching movies like this. But, I must say I was amazed by the language and even partial nudity in this teenie-bop movie! Not the best acting either. I liked the story though.
The Bachelor – It was O.K. nothing real special or even note-worthy.
One Night with the King – LOVED IT! Pleasantly surprised. Usually bible history based movies make me snore, but this one was very well done. Kept me intriqued and even was renewing to my faith to see God’s hand at work in that story! Plus our church just went through a series on Esther, so that made it even more enlightening.
And last night, we watched “Garden State” – Very Bizarre. Not a real fan of their use of the F-word. The story was intriguing enough to keep me watching.

So, have you seen any of these movies? What did you think?


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Sinful Nature

Ok, so how can people not recognize that we are born with a sinful nature. In case you find yourself wondering, just come to our house sometime. Here is one story of evidence from yesterday:

Nicholas crying out of the blue down the hall.

Natalie immediately, “I didn’t push him. He just fell.”

Nicholas running to us crying.

Natalie still saying, “I didn’t push him. I PROMISE!”

Jason asking, “Nicholas, what happened? Did you fall down?”

Nicholas, “Natalie pushed me.”

Jason, “Natalie. Tell me the truth did you push him?”

Natalie, “No.” (sheepishly)

Jason, “Natalie. You need to tell me the truth. Did you push him?”

Natalie, “yes, daddy. I pushed him.”

AMAZING! I mean she lied before we even asked her about it. And she even added the “I PROMISE” bit! WOW!

ps…for those of you reading that don’t know…Natalie is 4 years old.


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I was tagged by Jennifer to answer these questions. Kind of funny because I actually saw it a couple weeks ago on my friend, Patricia’s blog, but she didn’t tag me. She tagged Tammy, who tagged, Jen, and then Jen tagged me. Funny!

Four jobs I’ve had:
1. Fazoli’s for 2 days (I was 16, intimidated by food service work, decided not for me, never went back or called or anything. Isn’t that horrible!).
2. Lifeguard for 4 summers (my loyalty got lots better)
3. Bank Teller for 3 years
4. Ticket seller at Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk Amusement Park

Four places I have lived:
1. Richmond, VA (where I was born)
2. Lexington, KY
3. Texas (Sugarland, Galveston, and The Woodlands)
4. Houma, LA (plus many more)

Four movies I watch over and over:
1.Barbie’s 12 Dancing Princesses (thanks to my daughter)
2.Cars (thanks to my son)
3.Miracle on 34th Street – the updated version (I love to watch it every year)
4.Annie and Wizard of Oz (chilodhood favorites, but haven’t seen in a while)

Four favorite foods:
1. Chocolate Chip Cookies (even my allergy-free ones) 🙂
2. Just about anything MEXICAN
3. Spaghetti
4. Cinnamon Rolls

Four favorite tv shows:
1. Grey’s Anatomy
2. Without a Trace
3. Cold Case
4. Gilmore Girls (although I haven’t watched it lately because I have a commitment that evening and can never remember to tape it. Wish we had Tivo.)

Four places I’d rather be right now:
1. The Beach
2. The Mountains
3. Getting a massage
4. Shopping

Four things I wonder about:
1. What will Heaven be like?
2. When will I get there? (not to sound morbid…I actually hope that Jason and I die on the same day when we are 88) 🙂
3. How do I protect my family from this crazy world without living in fear? (Good one, Jen. I had to copy that one.)
4. What will my kids be like when they grow up?

Who to tag next?
I’d like to tag my friends Calli and Suzy (although Suzy hasn’t blogged much lately and may not even know I tagged her).


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Interesting how on warranties or insurance documents, they always have the disclosure “Does not cover damage resulting from Acts of God”.

I think it interesting on two parts-

One, that they even recognize and acknowledge the presence of God and His Acts!

Two, if they do believe in God, how do they determine what are His Acts!

By the way, this thought came to me as I was reviewing the warranty for the shower trim kit that was installed in our new shower. Would you believe we had a defective o-ring in the shower valve (brand new, Price Pfister, not exactly cheap, valve)! So, that means it has been leaking into our wall each time we turned it on (which thankfully has not been much since we stopped using it upon noticing the puddles. But still!) So, needless to say, I am very disappointed in Price Pfister. Our plumber informed us that this is not unusual for this company and warned us not to buy from them again. So, you may want to consider it a warning too.

Now, our plumber did recommend that we submit our receipt for his charges to Price Pfister and they should reimburse me those charges. So, we’ll see. I just hate to imagine if we hadn’t noticed the wetness and the potential big huge mess it could’ve been!

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Jason asked Nicholas the other day (with me sitting right there), “Isn’t mommy beautiful?”

Nicholas – “No. I think she is pretty.”


Nicholas – “My airplane’s pretty.”

SO…I am pretty like his airplane!!! Not sure if that is a compliment or not.


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Mayor Hood and Humility

Jason and I went to a graduation ceremony for him Friday night. He graduated from a leadership program here in Orlando called, Lifework Leadership. It is really such a neat program and encouraging to see how it is helping to transform leaders in our community for Christ.

At the program, they honored The Honorable Glenda E. Hood, former Florida Secretary of State and Mayor of Orlando. She received The Legacy award for her tremendous influence and legacy that she has left in Orlando, and even the world. If you have ever heard Mayor Hood speak, you would see that she is a terrific woman of character, with a great heart for the Lord and for being His servant in her community. And her speach Friday night was even more enlightening.

One thing she mentioned, was how in being a leader, you must be humble. She gave credit to her husband for instilling that character in her. And she said that her kids reminded her throughout her life, to not be so serious. She said one of her daughters, when younger, said, “Mom. Why don’t you smile anymore?” And Mayor Hood realized then, to relax and not to take things so seriously.

But as for the humble remark, I had to smile inside. You see, as assistants to Bill and Vonette Bright with Campus Crusade, Jason and I had the privilege of meeting Mayor Hood. In fact, it was one of our first dates together. You see, Jason was taking Mayor Hood and the Brights to see “Ben Hur” the musical. He asked Dr. Bright if he could take me as his date. To which he agreed. That was such an amazing day. It started off with Mrs. Bright calling me in the morning and we chatted as if we were girlfriends before our date, asking me things like, “What are you going to where tonight?”

Oh, such great memories. But I deviated from my story…it came time for us all to go home. We all were riding back together in the same car. Jason and Dr. Bright in the front seat, and Mrs. Bright, Mayor Hood and myself to go in the back. I automatically assumed I would ride in the middle (or the hump, as we affectionately called it growing up). Well, Mayor Hood stepped in and said she would ride in the middle, and that she didn’t mind at all riding the hump. In fact, she insisted. I remember thinking how humble and down-to-earth she was.

It is neat to see that Mayor Hood is what she desires to be – humble, a true servant. I am thankful that God has had people of her stature in the offices to serve our nation. And I pray for many more!!!

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Dentist Results

First of all, let me just say how surprised I am to hear that some of you all actually do enjoy going to the dentist! I mean I have never had a bad report, or major work, and yet I hate it. I just hate that feeling of someone probing under your gums to clean off the plaque! And the taste!!! UUGGHH!!
But I will say that my visit yesterday was quite pleasant! Not that I would go as far as to say I enjoyed it. But I really liked the dentist office where I went. It’s where Jason has gone for years. And yes, I did say where Jason goes…he is quite unique in this regard (as oppossed to typical men stereotypes)…he actually goes to the dentist very consistently and even makes his own appointments! Anyways, I was so impressed with the advancements of technology in these last several years that I have not been going. They took digital x-rays of my teeth and I was able to see them right away on the computer screen next to me. When they laid me back, there was a flat screen tv on the ceiling that I was able to view while undergoing the probing and cleaning. And they are even so savvy that they send their reminders on e-mail!
As for my report – they were very impressed with how clean my teeth were, especially not having gone for years (guess my natural toothpaste is working)! There was very minimal bleeding! And no cavities! So, my record for no cavities will stand!
And the kids…well, they didn’t get to go today afterall. Unfortunately Natalie was throwing up yesterday, so I figured it wouldn’t be a good idea to go today! 🙂 She was kind of bound to get it, considering a kid threw up in the pool Tues before their swim lessons and then that afternoon, a little girl threw up in her dance class! She is doing better today, but still achy breaky and complaining about her belly some. I am hoping she wakes up from her nap feeling better.

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