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Playground Issues

playground picI was at the park today with my friends, Pam and Rinnie. We were registering our kids for swim lessons – which is a crazy experience in and of itself! You see, these particular swim lessons are very sought out because they are so inexpensive and have a long, respected history in Orlando. It has become such a phenomenon that the staff has resorted to a lottery method in deciding who gets in a class!
So, I am standing there today waiting for my name to be called (which I was choosen at #34, by the way) and I kept having flash backs to tryouts for cheerleading. Where you are standing there wishing, “Oh, please pick me! Please call my name!”
It was crazy! I did get in, thankfully, because we took the last spot for Nicholas’ level.
Anyway, back to my original thought for this post. While we were waiting for the lottery to begin, we went to the playground. I am always so nervous when it comes to playgrounds and possible kid conflict issues! I mean where else do you have several kids playing together that have never met each other before and you don’t know their parents or how they let their children behave?
So, right away this kid starts fighting with my friend, Rinnie’s daughter, Lauren over a swing. He pushes on her and everything. My friend, Pam yells out telling him to stop. And I see, Natalie start getting defensive of her little friend, Lauren. She kind of sasses back at him some. Which edges him on more. So, I go over to intervene and tell them both to stop arguing and find something else to do while they wait their turn. After more antagonizing and bullying from this boy, I eventually decided to find his mom.
Yikes!!! I couldn’t believe what I was thinking! Go tell his mom?! I don’t even know who it is! How is she going to respond! What am I going to say! Well, before I could think twice about it, I asked this boy, “Where is your mom?”
Next thing you know, I am walking over there (my heart beating triple time) and I say, “I’m sorry. I hate to have to say something, but your son is bullying the kids over at the swing. I tried talking to him and telling him to find something else to do, but he kept on.” To which she responded, “Well, what was he doing?” And I am thinking, “What did he do? uh…uh…” But thankfully, I was able to articulate that he was pushing, threatening to hit, and antagonizing the girls.
She did apologize and had the kid sit out for a bit.
But, I tell you, I am still so up tight about it. I will now have to continue to see this lady for the next month at swim lessons. I just feel so awkward. It is not in my character to be so outspoken, especially to someone I don’t know. And I fall back into the horrible trap of mine, of caring what people think of me. I mean, I don’t want her to think I am this outspoken, pushy, judging mom who thinks my child does no wrong.
So, I am wondering…how do you handle playground issues? Do you have any examples or stories to share with the rest of us?

OK…so in my search for an image, I just came across these really cute animations from Kindergarteners about their favorite things to do at the playground. They are really quite good for such youngsters! My favorite ones are Haley, Vanessa, Isable and Liam.



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Ok, so our shower is finally done! Yippee!!! I was in it for the first time today and it was glorious!!! I just love it! As my friend, Jen commented the other day…I did want to stay in it forever!

Which leads me to my question…

Now that we have such a pretty shower and bathroom, I asked Jason if we could buy some new towels. We have been using the same ones since we got married 7 years ago (yes, I have been washing them). So, it would be really nice to get some new ones.

I was telling my friend, Christi about it, and told her that I wouldn’t need to buy very many because we use the same sets of towels for a week or so before we wash them or rotate in the other set. So, I would only be buying 4 towels.

Which began this discussion of towel usage…I am aware that some people are a “fresh towel every day” person. But to me, I just hate doing laundry, so I put it off as much as possible. Plus, what do you do with all those damp towels while you are waiting to do laundry?

So, are you:
a. fresh towel every day person
b. wash them once a week or two
c. why wash them at all…afterall my body is clean after taking a shower, right?
d. what towels, what shower?

Here are some pictures of our finished bathroom:
shower is done



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Almost Done

We are almost done with the bathroom! Yippee!

I am so ready for it to be over! It has been quite an ordeal and has pretty much consumed my life for the past month or so. From going to 10 different tile stores, Lowes, Home Depot, or Ace to actually working on the thing. I am glad that we are saving the money by doing it ourselves, and it is really fun to have the sense of accomplishment, but boy…it is quite an undertaking! And yes, I am doing some of the work, too. In fact, I have helped with most every stage! I even had my hands down in the mortar, smoothing it all out for the shower floor (I have dry, cracked hands to prove it)!

jill and scott
scott and Jason

Also in the pictures is my brother, Scott. He came down and helped us with the shower this past weekend! Thanks, Scott!

As you can also see, I finally did land on a tile for the shower walls (at the last place I went)…and I love it! I could just sit in there and stare at it all day! Here’s a picture of it all done on the walls:


So, we still have to grout the shower floor, put in the hardware and door and do some finishing touches to the rest of the bathroom (oh and do the vanity in the other part of the bathroom). Hopefully that will all be done this weekend. I won’t know what to do with myself or how to resume life back as normal (whatever that means).


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Florida’s Fall

Who says we don’t have a Fall season in Florida?

We do! Here is a picture of our kids playing in the leaves that fell off our Avocado tree to prove it! (This was just this weekend. Florida leaves seem to fall off after winter and before spring) 🙂

fall kid leaves


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Very Naive

I have to share with you all how naive I can be! In case you didn’t know this about me…I am very literal in my thinking and pretty simplistic too!

My friend, Mike, blogged about a news web-site the other day called The Onion: America’s Finest News Source. Well, I checked out the site and got very disturbed about an article they had on there, to which I commented about it on Mike’s blog.

I tell you, I was really disturbed and was ready to watch the (fake) show in May to see how they could possibly pull off their story line.

Thankfully he informed me that this site is all spoof articles and that it was not true. You can see our chain of comments on his post.

It’s so funny how gullible I can be! So, please consider this as a plea to not play any April Fool’s jokes on me, because I just might really believe you and be scarred for life!

ps…I did write about one of The Onion’s articles on my health blog that I thought was funny.


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Happy Birthday Nicholas

Nicholas is 3 years old today!
Lilypie 3rd Birthday PicLilypie 3rd Birthday Ticker

We had a “Lightning McQueen” Party! It was really fun! We raced cars, painted cars, and ate Cars cupcakes! Here are a couple of pictures (click on them to see it bigger):

3 fingers
racing cars
painting car

new racing toy


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I Spy

I SpyMy friend, Carrie, recently encouraged me to look for the “I Spy” moments in my life. To see how God is at work around me and in my life. She said it could even be the little things, like a green light when you are running late somewhere or a beautiful sunset that reminds you of God’s magnificance!

So, I have been looking! And I tell you there have been three that weren’t too hard to find lately! And all three have been in the midst of this crazy bathroom MESS in our home!

First, was on a trip to Lowe’s to look at vanities and faucets. We walked through the garden door, not because we wanted to look at garden stuff but because that is where we parked. And as we walked through, I glanced over to my left and I Spied this planter/pot which was exactly what I pictured and wanted for our dining room table. I had looked specifically for that item several times other places and had kind of given up on what I had in mind, and voila! There it was and only $7!

Second, we had bought tiles for our bathroom floor 2 years ago (which were discontinued at the time and really cheap) at Lowe’s. Well, now that we are undergoing this unexpected remodel for our bathroom, we thought it would be nice to take out the vanity in the small part of our bathroom and put in a pedestal sink. Problem – no more tiles from 2 years ago left! So, I went on a hunt to find a match at several different tile places, ending at Lowes again. As I walked down the aisle, trying to find a match, I came across a little pile of tiles that looked just like our current tile! 11 of them (which we only needed 6). Sure enough it was the same thing!!! The Lowes employee came over and scanned it and said, “You’re lucky, lady. These are a non-stock item, they shouldn’t even be here.” To which I responded, “It’s not luck. God put these right here for me TODAY, so I could have them!”

And lastly, was a BIG surprise! We recieved an anonymous gift card for Lowes for $200 on our doorstep Wednesday!!! The note said it was to help with our bathroom remodel! Isn’t that cool! (and we were already planning to go to Lowes that night, so it was even more perfect!) Nothing like that has ever happened to us before! It was such an amazing feeling! Especially if you know anything about my struggles in faith and desire to feel God’s presence in the midst of struggles!!! Tears of joy just kept coming as I reflected on it and soaked it in that day!

So, I am thankful! Very thankful! This bathroom project has not been fun or easy. But I am so thankful that my friend reminded me to see the “I Spy” moments in the midst of it all and to see how God is with me through it all!

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