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Funny Nicko

NickoLately Nicholas has been saying,
“I can’t do it. My hands are too tired.” or
“I can’t do it. I am too busy.”

But the best was today when he made a combo out of the two-
“Mommy, can you pick me up?”
And I said, “No. You can walk.”
Nicko said, “But my feet are too busy.”

On a side note – Our A/C is back up for the time being. We had another company come out yesterday and he made a temporary fix. You can pray with us that it will last long enough until we get a new unit put in.


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Our A/C is Toast

That’s right my friends! It is August in Florida, and our air conditioning is broken!


frozen ACI knew there was a problem when I woke up the other night and checked the thermostat. It was 80 degrees in our house, although it was set for 75! So, Jason opened the unit yesterday to find it completely frozen over with ice! All the white stuff you see on the coils in the pic, is solid ice!

We had a company come out today and sure enough, the thing is TOAST! So, we are in the process of figuring out getting a new one. The company today did say they could replace it today, but we weren’t too impressed with his price or his attitude! I informed him that we wanted to get some other quotes and the guy said, “Well, nobody else is going to get it installed for you today. You’ll be calling me back (he said this 2 more times before he left).” And I replied, “Well, we like to be wise and usually like to do research and cover all our bases before we spend this much money!” And to which I also THOUGHT, “And with that kind of attitude from you, it makes me not want to use you at all!”

But out of this whole situation so far, I am thankful for our friends, Eric and Marianne, who lent us a window unit for our bedroom! And I am thankful for a pool in our back yard! That is where we spent most of the evening tonight.


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The Cold WON

sickAll week long I have battled the onset of a cold. I really thought I had the thing beat. I could feel tinges of it and then I would pop some immune supplements, and it would go away. Well, this morning I woke up with the blasted thing in FULL BLOOM (probably due to the sugar-coated donut (or 3) that I ate last night, which I’m sure did not help my immune system with the sugar and food allergens I am allergic to)!

So, I have been in bed much of the day! And my nose is now dripping like a faucet and I have this continual icky feeling in the top of my mouth/throat! NOT FUN!

Off to bed I go, once again for the day. Hopefully and PRAYERFULLY, I will be much better tomorrow!


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First Day of School

first day of schoolToday was Natalie’s first day of school! She really loves it! She said she liked the playground, friends, and teacher.

I handled it really well. I only teared up when they gave me this little “Mommy bag” that had a poem on the front and little goodies in the bag. Phrases like – “Mommy, mommy can’t you see. I’m in preschool, look at me!…Mommy, mommy some tissues for you to dry your tears, a milestone of many of the coming years….Mommy, mommy remember me so, take my photo keychain wherever you go!”

So, we did all have a great day. It’ll be interesting to see how our year shapes out with this new phase of life.


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That was what I was told about my Delta Skymiles tonight!

Apparently my account was inactive for more than 3 years, so I lost my miles! All 38,000 of them! Can you believe it? I mean, I know I hadn’t flown Delta in a while, but I didn’t know at what point they went inactive! I am so bummed! Especially since we were looking to redeem those miles for a flight this winter. I tried everything! I begged the guy to please let me get them back. But, alas, they are GONE!

So, take this as a reminder to check your miles, and keep them activated!


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Meet the Teacher

We went to meet Natalie’s teacher today! Natalie will be going to Pre-K for 3 days a week. The teacher seems really nice and very friendly. And Natalie…well, she was so excited! She was a little timid walking in there but warmed up right away. It was funny, because as I was getting ready this morning, I felt a little nervous, myself. And even wondered to myself why.

I think it is because “Going to school” or “Back to school” always evokes anticipation when you hear the phrase. I can remember when I was little always wondering what the year would be like…the teacher, the friends, the fun stuff, and I guess learning. And now for my little girl, I anticipate that for her. Not to mention that I anticipate what my life will now look like with her in school 3 days a week. I know one day a week I will do Bible Study at church, and then the other days Nicholas and I will be hanging out. I have also started doing more ministry things with Priority Associates, so I am sure that will come in to play some too. And another thing I do know, is I will miss being around her as much.

So, she starts school on Monday and she just can’t wait. My oh, my, how she is growing up!


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My New Phone

phoneI have entered the world of fancy phones. I have had my previous phone for 2 years, so I was able to turn that in and have credit and get a new phone. Previously I thought fancy phones were a waste. I mean, a phone, is a phone.

Well, I got the Fusic phone. This thing has a camera and a MP3 player! I have had so much fun already.

I really love the MP3 feature! I started to download some of the cds that I have right now, and can I tell you…I think the last cd I bought was like 10 years ago. I am so out of it when it comes to music. And yet, I love music. So, why am I so behind the times? Toddler tunes has a bit to do with it. 🙂

Anybody have any suggestions of what to check out? I would love some fun/upbeat/hip tunes. You know…the kind you want to play when you are driving or cleaning your house. And if it could be Christian music that is fun…that would be a bonus, because I find the words of music really ministers to me.

So…whatcha got?


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