Funny Things Natalie Says

silly girl
Natalie counting the other day (by the way she is 3 1/2 years old), “1,2,3,4,…….25,26,27,28,29,20-10, 20-11, 20-12.”

“Mommy, when I grow up I am going to marry Daddy and be a Mommy just like you.”

After watching the movie, Ice Princess she said, “I want to learn how to ice-skate like those girls. And I don’t want you to hold my hand, I want to do it all by myself. And I want to be on TV and you guys can watch me on TV.”

She and Nicholas take turns shutting the back door when we come home (woo hoo). Well, Nicholas asked to shut it and then Natalie asked to shut it. We said Nicholas could shut it and she said, “I NEVER get to shut the door!” (gee…I thought that line of thinking didn’t happend until later in life. Of course, maybe it is just a sign of things to come when she is a teenager. yikes!)

“I want the bugs to die and go to bug land!” (more confirmation of her dislike for bugs…see Love Bugs)

One night we went to check on Natalie before we went to bed. She was completely asleep when we leaned down to kiss her and she said out really loud, “Excuse me! Excuse me!”

Here is what Natalie said the other day about her “Mellow” teddy bear (which she has had since she was a baby).
“Mommy, I need a new Mellow. I can get a new Mellow in Heaven. And I’ll take my old one to Heaven and give it to God and He can sleep with it.”

After a discussion about God and sin, I asked her if she knew what sin was, and she said, “Yea. God washes my skin.” (I thought that is what I heard her singing in a song a few times, and her statement confirms it.)



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2 responses to “Funny Things Natalie Says

  1. Rinnie

    “God washes my skin” – that’s hilarious!!!

  2. they’re all hilarious!

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