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Kiss Wiper

Nicholas is a kiss wiper.

kiss wiperYou know, sometimes you wipe off a kiss if it is too wet or something every now and then. But Nicholas, he wipes the kisses off almost every time! We started trying to see if we could keep him from wiping it off. We would kiss him and hold his hands down. He would try so hard to wipe it and then start cracking up! Then, it became a game. We kiss him, hold his hands, and he tries to wiggle out and we all laugh!

It is so funny! Jason says he remembers doing that when he was little. They are so alike, it is crazy!

So, are you a Kiss Wiper?


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Update on the Mess in Our Home

As you may have read from my post yesterday, we had quite a mess at our house.

Well, at 12:00 am, when Jason got home from the game, he went to check out the dryer. Turns out, he just reset the breaker and it came back on again!!! Yea!! As for it’s inconsistency in heating up, I hope it is not a sign of things to come.

Unfortunately the kitchen is still a mess. I did clean up from the last two days, but now it is a mess from dinner tonight!

The toilet – well, that was a mess! I mean both figuratively and literally! It was disgusting! Poor Jason worked on it this evening and ended up having to pull the toilet up off the floor and take it apart. The plunger just wasn’t cutting it and there was obviously something lodged in it. Apparently Natalie thinks she needs like 50 of those toilet wet wipes to wipe her bottom!!! Yes, that’s right. At the base of the toilet drain in the floor, there was a huge wad of them (along with other stuff that I won’t give you the details about).

So, Jason got it fixed! Yea!!! And we informed Natalie that she just needed one wipe each time she went #2 in the potty!


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God’s Pursuit???

We are a mess today! I am holding it together quite well actually, but I am afraid I’m going to max out soon on my patience. Here are the highlights (in the midst of the normal chaos we experience around here with a 2 yr old and 3 yr old, and having just come back from a weekend trip):

Kids’ toilet overflowed with #2 in it (lovely, I know)

While making dinner, Nicholas colored all over the red table and sliding glass door

Our babysitter calls at 3:30 to cancel for tonight

I notice our dryer is not heating and drying the clothes (go to check it, stop it, turn it back on, won’t come on at all now – great! One wet load in dryer and one wet load in washer!)

Decided to take kids with me to Life Group

Left for Life Group with the kitchen a complete mess, since I haven’t cleaned up dishes from yesterday and I made bread today (which makes an even bigger mess)

Oh, and did I mention that Jason left at 6:15 this morning for work and went to a football game tonight, so we have not seen him or talked to him much at all today. Which is probably why you all are hearing me process this, because he is not home yet.

So, as you can see…not such a good day. I e-mailed my friend, Christi earlier and said, “I want to cry but yet it is not coming out! oh, wait…here come some tears…good, this could be good to help process this day.”

Then, I read something that reminded me that there might be a purpose in all this! Someone recently told me to try and look at these hard situations as God’s Pursuit of me! Wow!! What a twist! Most of the time I am so ticked off and frustrated, that I don’t even consider God in the equation and if I do, it would be me wondering how He could let all this junk happen to me!

So, I want to do that tonight…see it as God’s pursuit of me. He really has been quite gracious to me in the midst of it all by helping me stay calm and patient. Afterall, I could’ve totally lost my mind. πŸ™‚


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Lies in my Head

Stop I very often will hear lies in my head. It is so frustrating!

Just the other day, I went to pick up the kids from Gymnastics. We have had some struggles lately with Natalie’s attitude and demanding spirit. Well, when I went to pick them up she had some major ATTITUDE. She was totally not listening and I did not know how I was going to get her (and Nicholas) out of there. I quickly became embarrassed by her behavior.

As for the lies, I started hearing in my head, “These other people think I am a bad mother. They don’t think I discipline her. They think she is a brat. They don’t like her. We shouldn’t come here anymore. I guess they don’t have kids that act like this…” And on and on. I wanted to cry right there and then.

Thankfully I am at a point in my life where I recognize these lies as they enter my head. And I am trying not to believe them (for I know that is what the evil one would want me to do). I pray I become quicker and quicker at dismissing it.

So, what lies do you hear in your head? Come on…be honest. πŸ™‚ It’ll be good to confess it and therefore creating less power they can have in your brain.


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Happy Birthday

Jason2/It is Jason’s Birthday today! I am so Blessed to have him for my husband! He is so thoughtful, kind, considerate, full of integrity, a great dad, and husband! I love him LOTS and hope he has a GREAT day!
By the way, yesterday marked the date when we first met 7 years ago! We met through a mutual friend. And then I went with that same friend, Jason, and others to lunch the next day to celebrate Jason’s Birthday! So, I celebrated his Birthday with him before we ever dated. πŸ™‚ Here is the kids’ message to Jason for his Birthday. Enjoy!


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Love Bugs

Why do they call them love bugs? Who in the world loves the love bugs?! They are a total nuisance!

love bug Natalie certainly does not love them! She became aware of them yesterday while playing outside, and quickly decided she did not like them and came back inside to play. Well, today, she got in the car after church and was working on getting her carseat buckels snapped. I was watching her and she noticed in the corner of her eye a love bug in her hair. She FREAKED out! I think she probably screamed the loudest we have ever heard!

Thankfully Jason quickly got it out of her hair, but it took her a while to settle down. We tried talking to her about them. I told her how love bugs are the slowest, laziest bugs in the world and they would never hurt her. To which she replied very emphatically, “Well, I don’t EVER want another lovebug in my hair AGAIN!

We cracked up. Jason especially thought it was funny and insisted that she got the “EVER again” from me! Not to mention her dislike for bugs.


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Birthday Tickers

I found these Birthday Tickers the other day. I just thought they were so cute. So, I am going to try them out on my blog. I have put them over here on the right under β€œPages” and if you ever want to know how old the kids are or how close it is until their Birthdays, you can see it. How fun!!

Lilypie 4th Birthday PicLilypie 4th Birthday Ticker

Lilypie 3rd Birthday PicLilypie 3rd Birthday Ticker


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