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Water Skiing

Nat and Nick went water skiing a few weeks ago! That’s right! It was amazing! They were on a trainer ski that my brother, Scott had behind his boat. It was the cutest thing to watch. I have it on video, so you can see that below. Unfortunately I don’t have Nick’s video yet because we did that one on a different camera. Here are the pics (just click on them and you can see it larger).



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So, today I said something to Natalie and I am not even sure what it was right now. But the crazy part was when she walked off with total sass, and said, “Whatever”. You know, with that tone of “I don’t care what you are saying.”

Of course, I respond with, “honey, you may not talk that way back to mommy.”

Well, she gets this wide-eyed look on her face and says, “well, what does that mean?”

I laughed and said, “You mean, you don’t even know that what you just said means? The whatever?”

And she didn’t. She just knew it had attitude associated with it and decided to use it. Jason says it is my fault because she is just copying me. To which I say to him, “WHATEVER!”

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Natalie Prayed

Tonight, on June 14, 2008, Natalie prayed to ask Jesus to come into her heart. It was a very special moment for her and us.

Just a few months earlier, she had been fighting with Nicholas, and acting out very badly. She and I talked about how that was her sin in her life. I asked her if she knew who could help her with that sin, and she said (very angrily), “Jesus!”. To which, I asked her if she wanted to pray and ask Him to help her with it, and she said, “No!” (very emphatically because she can be quite a determined little girl). And I thought, “Oh, great. Here we are missionaries with Campus Crusade and our own child is rejecting Jesus already.”

Well, we talked about it a couple more times over the next few months, but not much. So, tonight, after another round of fighting with Nicholas and being disciplined for it. Natalie was broken for what I think was the first time ever! She was so sad and told me how much she loved me. Then she said, “It was because of my sin, and I don’t want sin any more! I want Jesus to come into my heart. I want Him forever and ever!” She had mentioned this earlier in the week, and I sort of brushed it off, thinking she didn’t really understand what she was saying, and that when I had more time I could go over it with her. So, when she said it again tonight, I thought there might be something to it.

When Jason came in the room, she asked him if she could pray for Jesus to come in her heart. He explained to her what that would mean and stated a prayer that she could repeat after him. Well, right after he prayed, she started praying herself and repeated almost everything Jason said. It was the sweetest thing!


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The Graduate

Natalie graduated from Pre-K last week. It was a sweet ceremony, and I even teared up during the processional. I kept picturing her Pre-K graduation photo next to her high school graduation photo! Bizarre! It was a great year for her. She learned so much and made lots of friends. In fact, she was so sad that it had to end now that it is summer.


shaking hands


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