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Stray Cat

Tonight has been an interesting night. It all started a week ago when a neighbor came frantically to our door looking for her cat. She was so upset and came around again with fliers. Well, this had a huge impact on Natalie. She felt so bad for the lady and the cat that she even woke up in the middle of the night and came in our room about it. She said, “Daddy, can you please take me back to bed and pray for Sophie (the cat)?”

So, tonight we had our windows open and we hear this cat outside our window. It just kept meowing and would not go away. At first glance it looked just like Sophie’s picture on the flier. So, I went outside and calmly talked to the cat to get her to come closer and take a better look. I compared it to the flier over and over. Well, the cat got more comfortable and started doing the whole rubbing up against me for attention. So, Natalie and I sat outside for a while petting the cat. I did eventually decide it was not Sophie afterall. But because the cat was so starved for attention, I continued to pet it. Well, would you believe…all the sudden the crazy thing BIT me! Totally out of the blue! We quickly got up and went inside to wash it and put peroxide on it.

A couple of hours later and several phone calls, I was very close to going to the emergency room (mostly because I am pregnant and because it was a stray). Especially after speaking to the Dr that was on-call for my OB-GYN. Who was hilarious by the way! At one point he said, “Too bad your husband didn’t have a gun. If some cat bit my wife, I’d shoot it and then call animal services to check for rabies.” At another point, he asked which Hospital was closest to me. I told him and then said, “But I’m not a big fan of that one.” To which he replied, “Well, it’s not like you need a brain surgeon.”

I decide to call Animal Services and report it. Then, I am seeing on medical websites, that once a human shows symptoms of rabies, then there is nothing you can do. You die. (Oh the joys of information at our fingertips). I start thinking maybe I should go to the ER like the OB said, just to be safe.

Amazingly, Praise the Lord, animal services came to our door. The lady that helped us was so nice! Turns out, when I walked her outside to show her our neighbors’ vacant house, THERE WAS THE CAT! YAY! Animal services told me it was my lucky day and put the trap up right then. About 20 minutes later, the cat was trapped in the cage.

This is a huge answer to prayer! Now they can quarantine the cat and make sure it doesn’t have rabies. Otherwise, I would’ve had to get 5 shots of vaccinations as a precautionary measure. Not to mention the expense and time of a trip to the ER. I SO did not want to have to go through all of that!

So, the moral to the story, don’t mess with stray animals! I’ll certainly never do that again!


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Go Dawgs

As many of you know, college football season has started. Now I am not a super fan, myself. I mean, I can get into it some times. But my husband is a fan and loves the Georgia Bulldogs. So, today we went to the local Bulldog fan club and watched the game on lots of tvs. The kids kicked off the season in style with Nat’s cheerleading outfit and Nick’s football uniform. They also sported some big “G” tatoos.

It was fun and the kids are becoming big fans!

So, who is your favorite team?


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Movie Reviews

So, I was just told about this website called Kids in Mind – Visit Kids-in-Mind
It is a great site for helping to discern the appropriateness of movies. It gives great detail for each movie with categories like sex/nudity, violence, profanity. I tell you, it was amazing to see what all we are exposed to in detailed form. But when you watch the movie, it’s easy to dismiss those things because you are caught up in the movie and gloss over it. So, reading these reviews will definitely help me to determine what we allow ourselves to be exposed to, and if we do, how to address it with our kids with what they watch.

So go check it out and let me know what you think.


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Notice Anything?

Do you notice anything unusual in this picture?


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Witness While Being Mugged

I just loved this video of this sweet lady! Hopefully I’ll never be put in this position, but if I am, I sure hope I can respond like she did. Enjoy!


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Political Calls

Seriously…does anyone really sit and listen to those political phone calls? Especially considering they call like 5 times a day!!!


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Help End World Hunger

SO, right now may not be the best time of year to participate in this activity. But when the hustle and bustle of the Holidays slows down here’s something you can do to pass time. Benefit by helping feed the hungry, and feed your brain by learning more vocabulary.

You can visit this site and play a game where you define vocabulary words and for each word you answer correctly, 20 grains of rice gets donated to United Nations World Food Program. Pretty cool! I felt very encouraged that I knew as many words as I did on there. I didn’t play for very long, but I donated over 500 grains of rice.

So, vocab away friends, and help end world hunger.

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