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Help End World Hunger

SO, right now may not be the best time of year to participate in this activity. But when the hustle and bustle of the Holidays slows down here’s something you can do to pass time. Benefit by helping feed the hungry, and feed your brain by learning more vocabulary.

You can visit this site and play a game where you define vocabulary words and for each word you answer correctly, 20 grains of rice gets donated to United Nations World Food Program. Pretty cool! I felt very encouraged that I knew as many words as I did on there. I didn’t play for very long, but I donated over 500 grains of rice.

So, vocab away friends, and help end world hunger.

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The SUPER BUG has invaded our family! It first ensued on sweet Natalie on our way home from traveling over a week ago! It lingered in her little body for about 5 days! You see, the bizarre thing is this bug will make you throw up for the first day then you seem fine, and then you throw up again a couple of days later.

How do I perceive this as the pattern? Oh, because about 6 days after it hit Natalie, it hit little Nicholas. And would you believe it was the same way. Threw up all evening Monday, fine on Tues and Wed, then threw up today!

So, we will see what happens now that the Nasty thing has landed in my body! That’s right! Last night, the horrible SUPER bug showed it’s ugliness in my body. Just over a week from when it first took landing on our family. It is horrible! We are on week two of sickness in our family. You can imagine what that can do for your home!


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