Stay Dry or Lie

Nicholas is still needing to wear a diaper to bed at night. Last night, he was all about not wearing diapers anymore. So, we told him he needed to show us that he could stay dry. We even told him that if he did stay dry for 2 weeks that he could pick out a really big toy and we would buy it for him.

This morning he comes in our room and Jason asks him if his diaper was dry. And he says YES! So, we make this big deal of it and tell him how proud we are of him etc. And he was so excited!

So, tonight I made him a chart where we could keep track of it to see when he could get his big prize. He is all excited. We put the sticker on it for staying dry last night. And then I get him ready for bed. I reminded him about staying dry. All the sudden he starts saying, “Yea, and you don’t want to pee in your diaper and then get a dry diaper and put it on. And then tell mommy and daddy that you stayed dry, because that would be lying. And that would be bad.” I say, “yea, then mommy and daddy wouldn’t be able to trust you.”

Then it hits me…oh, my goodness, where did he come up with that idea! Did he just do that this morning?! Put on a dry diaper and lie to us? I recalled how later in the morning today, I did see a very full diaper in the trash. And I remember thinking to myself…where did that come from? But then I thought, well, maybe it was from yesterday. (it’s not unusual for him to take his diaper off and leave it out somewhere, so maybe it was an old one).

I told Jason about it all, and we decided that he must have lied to us this morning. Where else would he come up with that story all on his own? And how do you explain the diaper in the trash? Jason said, “wow…there is hope for the boy yet. not that he lied, but that he was smart enough to come up with that plan.” Makes you think how much other stuff is he really comprehending?

So, tonight we thought we would take the diapers out of his room and beat him at his game. But then we realized we really should catch him in this lie, so we can appropriately deal with it. We don’t want the boy to start out at age 5 realizing he can be sneaky and get away with a lie. So, we are leaving the diapers out, and we are going to place a secret mark on the one he has on to check it in the morning.

Wow! Scary glimpse into a sneaky, lying teenager.


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3 responses to “Stay Dry or Lie

  1. ruthie

    Thanks for the laugh! I needed that 😉

  2. Ugh…lying is so not fun to deal with. It’s such a yucky sin in children…and often one where it’s so hard for parents either to not laugh or not be angry!!! at least for me!

    Love his made up story though and your reaction when you realized it was actually probably what happened that morning!

  3. Patrick

    Original sin leaks out in all sorts of ways, doesn’t it? 🙂

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