Prego Food Likings

Cereal – lots and lots of cereal – Rice Krispies, Rainbow Rings, Cocoa Puffs, Peanut Butter Pows
Monkey Brains Raspberry Oatmeal
Amigo’s Mexican Restaurant
The Thai House
Pei Wei
Starbuck’s Soy Hot Chocolate
Olive Garden’s Pasta Fagioli Soup
Five Guys Burger and Fries with Cajun seasonings (That should have been listed first!)
Macaroni Grill

Notice most of these are restaurants. Not a good thing when finances are tight. If only….



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2 responses to “Prego Food Likings

  1. And now, thanks you, I am going to eat Pringles at 1:26 am.

  2. Lisa

    I love Five Guys! Did you know they’re from Virginia? The first one they opened was in Arlington, VA . I still can’t believe how popular they’ve become that you have them in Orlando now, but they are the best!

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