Pregnancy Bummers and Not So Bummers

Bummers –
Throwing up. (had to put that first. not as bad as I was, but still happens every few days)
Restless Legs (it’s back again this pregnancy and wakes me up in the middle of the night)
Being tired.
Not being able to decide what sounds good to eat.
Having your tendons and ligaments stretched (esp the ones you didn’t even realize you had)
Pain when you sneeze from above mentioned sore ligaments.
Back aches.

Not So Bummers –

No Ladies Days (that’s what we call it) for 9 months!
Getting to wear new-to-me clothes (thanks to those who let me borrow maternity clothes!)
Having an excuse to take naps.
Feeling the little thing move around inside you (although sometimes this can be a bummer)
Eating snacks at 11:00 at night (yet, I was known to do this before pregnancy, but now it is more excusable)
Realizing I am going to have another cute Nat or Nicko!



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4 responses to “Pregnancy Bummers and Not So Bummers

  1. Great list, Jill! I love all your likes and dislikes about being pregnant!! Cute stuff.

  2. pam

    Note to self…DO NOT GET PREGNANT AGAIN!!

  3. fun! congratulations. so exciting!!!

  4. Hey Jill,
    I got your comment, as for ordering you can just email me at
    I do have short sleeve shirts (and in that size) I only have white in stock (from last year) but will be ordering others soon (and in different colors) so just let me know what color, etc. you’re looking for!
    Make Mine Monogrammed

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