Advanced Age

SO, apparently I am of advanced age with this third pregnancy. I know, right?! I knew there were a few additional things that they might test for, but man…they have a whole rigmarole to take you through. In fact, with the hospital set-up that I am on, they just make your appts without consulting you first and then mail you a letter or call you with a recorded message telling you when your appt is (and you just hope it works out). There are more ultrasounds, blood work, and tests. Today I just learned that I have an appt for genetic counseling. But when I found out, I questioned what that was for anyway.

Apparently it is all optional, so I opted out of the genetic counseling. Here is my philosophy that I explained to the lady – I just turned 35 like 3 months ago. I don’t really think my genes have depleted so quickly in just a few months. I mean, if I were a few months earlier and was still 34, they wouldn’t have me go through all of this. And plus, even if we did go through with all the testing, the results or assessment of probability would just freak me out. And it’s not like we would abort or anything anyway. Plus I feel like it is an unnecessary process for someone like me to charge my insurance for and thus contributing to the rise in insurance rates. Especially with the fact that most of these tests just tell you “your chances” for birth defects and they are very known for false-negatives. I wonder how many other people out there opt out of the extra testing?

The Lady of Advance Age



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3 responses to “Advanced Age

  1. Jill, that reminds me of when they did those triple-screen blood tests during my pregnancies. One was for HIV and I always refused that test. The nurses always looked at me like I was nuts and then I had to sign a waiver saying that I was willfully declining the HIV test. I mean, it unnerved me that I was treated like such an idiot almost for thinking that I don’t need to check for HIV since I am monogamous (always have been), I don’t do intravenous drugs and my husband and I are in a faithful relationship. Anyway, I also did not want the genetic test which can tell if you might have a child with Down’s syndrome, or any of the typical “advanced age” genetic defects. My thought was that even if somehow my baby had something, I did not need to spend the rest of my pregnancy stressed out, depressed, worried, etc. I knew that no matter what, we would have our children and like you said, abortion would not have been an option to us in any case. I just hated that feeling that you are basically pushed to have these tests and made to feel almost irresponsible when you refuse. I can totally understand what you are saying about all of this. I don’t think you need the added stress since we have all heard of false negative results before in other’s tests.

  2. pam

    I just joined your advanced age last week. I don’t think I’d do all the testing either. I’d do ultrasounds but nothing really invasive. It’s true, what you said…I had a baby when I was 34 1/2 and they didn’t treat me any different then when I was 28. But now I’d be considered high risk. Well, you look great for being so advanced. 🙂

  3. monica

    Hey Jill, Monica here. (school/church friend of Jason’s) I keep up with your blog from time to time and love to see the happenings of the Howell’s. Anyhow…..

    9 years of waiting and praying for a baby, approved for adoption in May and found out surprise surprise I was 7 wks pregnant in October. Shock of our lives, blessing beyond what we could have imagined. God is good. I digress…..

    I am 34, wont be 35 until September which is 3 months after baby arrives. I am the most paranoid preggo woman in history, though am trying to just trust the one who gave us theis blessing and enjoy it. Easier said than done. The point, I know I had one….. (I’m also loosing valuable brain cells daily)

    I opted not to have even the protein whatever whatever testing done. I decided I was already as paranoid as can be, they assured me my age would factor in and would probably lead to wanting to do more testing. What could I do if they found something? This is our baby, more importantly God’s baby. Totally his blessing so I couldn’t do a thing anyway. So, we trust and on we go.

    (I also have an under active thyroid and have read your health blog too. Regular MD wanted to tell me that is probably why I “finally” got pregnant, thyroid was finally regulated for quite sometime. I quickly assured him it was totally God’s plan and he decided the time was right and wanted us to have a biological child at this time in our lives and that is why I was pregnant! *thankyouverymuch*)

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