Almost A Month

It has been almost a month since I have written on here. There has been a lot going on. Instead of writing about it all, I figured I would just highlight the main points and direct you to my flickr page of our life in pictures. So, here are the highlights:

~ Celebrated Jason’s Birthday in New York City!
~ I went to the Women’s Retreat for our church at the beach!
~ Celebrated my Birthday at Jimmy Buffet’s restaurant and then also at Bucca di Beppo!
~ And celebrated our Wedding Anniversary – 8 years!
~ I also have been getting adjusted to life as a parent of a kindergarten girl! I have to remember to do homework again. And this week she had 6 worksheets and a journal project with Curious George!
~ I went with Natalie’s class to participate in One Great Day of Service.
~ Healthwise, the Dr discovered I have a cyst on my right ovary. It causes me lots of pain at times and it has completely messed up my cycle (let’s just say Aunt Flo did not visit this month)!

So, life has been a whirlwind! I am very thankful for all our celebrations. So stop by flickr and see all the fun.


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One response to “Almost A Month

  1. Hi, Jill! I wanted to stop by your page and let you know I had fun looking at your photos from all the fun stuff you guys have been doing lately! Sheesh…you’re right…you HAVE been busy! I guess October is to you what the month of March usually is to me…filled with birthdays, our anniversary and usually a ton of other stuff going on. So, now you are getting into the homework thing with Natalie, huh? I remember Sierra’s first year in kindergarten. She had a teacher that had been teaching for over 30 years and my goodness, the amount of homework this lady assigned daily was a LOT! I used to be a teacher and still, I thought it was way too much homework for a kindergartener to have. Anyway, it will get to be even more the older they get…just wait ’til Nicko enters school, too!

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