Go Dawgs

As many of you know, college football season has started. Now I am not a super fan, myself. I mean, I can get into it some times. But my husband is a fan and loves the Georgia Bulldogs. So, today we went to the local Bulldog fan club and watched the game on lots of tvs. The kids kicked off the season in style with Nat’s cheerleading outfit and Nick’s football uniform. They also sported some big “G” tatoos.

It was fun and the kids are becoming big fans!

So, who is your favorite team?


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3 responses to “Go Dawgs

  1. Virginia Tech of course! Go HOKIES!!! even though we lost this weekend.

    Kids are as cute as ever! And I’m impressed you watched a football game!

  2. Well, I am not a big sports fan myself. But, I guess I will go with the safe and obvious choice for my favorite, which is the UCF Knights!!! It’s my Alma Mater and their new stadium is just a few blocks from our house.

  3. Judy Howell

    Go Dawgs!!!
    Gram and Pop Howell

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