The kids and I ventured out to the Old Navy sale on jeans today – $7 for kids’ jeans and $12 for adults! It was a crazy house there! But we endured. Honestly the worst part for me was trying to get my kids to try on the jeans! It’s amazing to me how they have no concept of trying to get things done in a timely manner. And you know, jeans aren’t exactly the easiest or quickest things to get on and off a person.

Which brings me to my observation…why on earth does it have to be so difficult for us girls to find a pair of jeans that fits right?! I mean, a guy, can walk right in the store, pick his waist size and length, and VOILA! Perfect fit! But no, for us, you could try on one size in one style, and that same size in a different style and it could fit totally different! And you know what is crazy? It’s the same with little boys and little girls! That’s right…all 3 pairs I tried on Nick fit exactly the same. Natalie…oh, no. Too tight, too long, too baggy…all in the same size!

So, what is about female clothes that makes it that much more difficult?


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7 responses to “Jeans

  1. Oh good grief, how did I not know about the sale??! Now I know why the store was so stinking busy. I never go to Old Navy but decided to on a whim today. Blech!

  2. Kristin

    Oh, the denim drama. My two best jeans-purchasing tips…
    1. take a friend (this is really if you are by yourself with no kids) and have her toss a ton to you and do NOT look at the size. just buy what fits best (tip from Tonya Landers Clark)
    2. just go in a buy a bunch of sizes and styles, take home to try on, return what didn’t fit the very next day

  3. Noterik

    I agree! Do you know how hard it is for fella to find a pair of ladies jeans in my size?

  4. Amy

    Jean shopping is right up there with swimsuit shopping in my book. Both are the bane of my existence.

  5. My problem with jeans is that the ones I like and fit best are always the most expensive ones.

  6. I knew about the sale, but decided to avoid the chaos. I agree…it takes us so long to find a good fitting jean & in my experience…once I find one I love, they stop making them or they go out of style. Ugh! All I can say is Thank God for the adjustable waistbands they have in the kids jeans. That is the best invention yet!

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