Hello Chicago

Jason and I went to Chicago this past weekend for a work conference. It was a terrific time! Lots of images still planted in my head. It really is a beautiful city. Although, I must say, I don’t think I am a big city girl. In fact, one morning I told Jason that opening the curtains to view the city just does not do the same for me as opening them to a view of the ocean. I asked him what he thought the draw was for the people you hear say, “I love the city.” He said, “It’s the energy. All the people.” To which I said, “That makes sense as to why I don’t like it so much.” (HA!) I’m more of a down-time, need my own space kind of girl. Plus I don’t really like relying on public transportation. It takes so much longer to get somewhere, and I really would miss not being able to jump in my car and buzz down the road to pick up something I forgot at the store. And yet, if there is a city that I would like, it would be Chicago. Because it does have the water scenes. I love the water!

Anyway, we had a great time. You can see my flickr page for the pictures. We had lots of fun sitting by the river, riding a water taxi, watching fireworks, and walking through the shops. Yes, Jason had fun in the shops (I guess he endured since he was able to go to two Baseball games before I arrived). We went to the American Girl Place. A huge store full of American Girl Dolls. If you aren’t familiar with this phenomenon among young girls, it is a huge trend. I couldn’t believe how big this place was! There were dolls everywhere, anything you can imagine to accessorize the dolls, a Cafe for your girls to come eat at with their dolls (the dolls have their own special seating), a Doll Salon where you have your dolls hair and facials done, a museum and Theater! I cracked up when Jason said, “This place is a cult!” I also laughed when I asked Jason if I could purchase a Mini American Girl and he replied, “What are we going to get Nick? A 25 cent pencil that says Chicago on it?”

So, it was a great time. Now we are back home for a full week of preparing for school to start. YIKES!

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