A few weeks ago, Natalie had a pimple on her face. So, today she is looking in the mirror and says, “Mommy, where is that thing I have on my face, that you have on your face?”

After trying to figure out what she is talking about, I say, “Oh, a pimple.” (which is great for the self-esteem that your daughter points out your pimples!) And then I tell her, “Well, yours is gone honey. They come and go.”

And then here’s the real kicker! She says, “But yours aren’t gone.”




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3 responses to “Pimples

  1. Anna

    Oh, I hear you. Evie points out that kind of stuff, too. The brutal honesty of kids…

  2. NOOOOOO!!!

    That’s it. I’m never having kids.

  3. oooouch!!!
    well, a woman at work today (my first day back in after Owen) looked at me and said “you still haven’t had that baby!?!?” Also good for the self-esteem…but I am pretty sure she just said it to be mean.

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