Hatching Turtles

We have been at the beach this week with Jason’s family. I just wanted to drop a note real quick here and share with you all what we were able to experience today.

The kids and I were walking down the beach to just take a stroll and explore. Well, did we ever have an experience! We were able to witness several little turtles who had hatched from their eggs make their way down to the beach. Oh my goodness…it was the sweetest thing!

They were so cute and so little! Just waddling their way on down to the water. We were right in the midst of them. In fact, one even touched my foot! I think what was so amazing to me, is the fact that they emerge from their shells and instinctively know right where they need to go! And once they get there, they know how to start swimming. Sometimes it was sad to watch one of them work so hard to get to the water, and a wave would come up and thrust it right back on to the sand again. And it would have to make the trek all over again.

The kids were just as amazed! Natalie even said that she wished we could pick one up and take it home. We were so thankful to have been able to witness it all! Especially since most of the time, hatching occurs at night. Unfortunately I did not have my camera, and even if I did have it in my bag, there may not have been enough time to capture it because those little guys were running as fast as they could. I did manage to find a few pictures on-line and wanted to at least post those here. This is truly what it looked like with like 20-30 turtles swarming to the ocean!



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3 responses to “Hatching Turtles

  1. Such a neat experience to see! That’s so cool you all got to witness the event! I hope you’re having lots of fun at the beach!

  2. Brandon continues to rub it in to us that he saw the turtles and we didn’t!

  3. That’s so cool you saw the turtles! What a great experience.

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