The Graduate

Natalie graduated from Pre-K last week. It was a sweet ceremony, and I even teared up during the processional. I kept picturing her Pre-K graduation photo next to her high school graduation photo! Bizarre! It was a great year for her. She learned so much and made lots of friends. In fact, she was so sad that it had to end now that it is summer.


shaking hands



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5 responses to “The Graduate

  1. Cute pics. She’s so photogenic. Where I grew up, in VA, we didn’t graduate from all these grades. They do that in Puerto Rico though. I thinks it’s odd but I know they kids enjoy it and I guess the parent’s do too! So that’s cool.

  2. Hana

    I remember when you were deciding where to go to pre-k and experiencing all the drama that comes along with getting in…now it’s over! Time flies…

  3. Jen

    She looks so cute! On to your next adventure!!

  4. She looks like she should be in a beauty pageant with her white sash and adorable smile! You’ve got yourself a cutie there!! Hurray for her Pre-K Graduation!

  5. Jenny M

    Jill… what an absolute cutie!!!! 🙂

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