Notice Anything?

Do you notice anything unusual in this picture?



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3 responses to “Notice Anything?

  1. Allison Hooks

    Is it because of the fees companies have to pay to credit card companies? Weird regardless. I have never seen this on gas signs before.

  2. Amy

    I’m offended!! Even if it is because of the charges from credit card companies, that is gross inflation! CC companies don’t charge enough to warrant a 5 cent increase. I should know, working with credit card companies is what I do for a living. Humph! That’s it, I’m not buying gas anymore. I’m gonna buy a horse and bring back the carriages from back in the day. =)

  3. Kristin Stewart

    I know what I see. A great deal on gas! Where is that?
    Growing up in MA, gas prices were always listed this way (credit and cash different)

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