In the midst of the illness and rat fiasco, we did manage to make it to Natalie’s ballet performance weekend before last. She did such a great job! Such a pretty little ballerina princess. One of the other parents took a video of the performance, and I thought I would link to it here. We made a video of it too, but we are still in the stone age with 8 mm tapes, and therefore aren’t digital. So, anyway, here she is…ENJOY! (by the way, she is the cutie pie in the front row on the left at the very beginning, then she changes to the back row right away)

ballet girls



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4 responses to “Ballet

  1. Allison

    She is too cute! It looks like she really knew her routine and did a great job.

  2. Jen

    So cute…was that at Festival Bay?

  3. Pam

    So cute!!! Was that a Dyliacco, too?

  4. Oh, that is so cute!! How precious! It seems like Natalie remembered all the steps and dance moves before everyone else!

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