The Answer Is…

Wow…you guys were impressive in your photo analysis! From what direction it was shot, to the cast of the shadow, to the size of the rocks! I’m not really surprised that no one got it exactly right because we were quite surprised when we discovered it on our recent get away. Allison was right, that it was from our trip while Jason’s parents kept the kids for us. We had some Marriott points that we redeemed in Hutchinson Island, Florida.

That’s right…these pictures were taken right here in Florida! We were completely in love with this area of the island! We both loved the rocky coast in California and Hawaii, but had never seen a rocky coast in the state of Florida. I wish we had discovered it earlier in our trip because I could’ve sat there all day and listened to those waves crash against the rocks! What a magnificent display of power!

So, if you ever have a chance to go to Hutchinson Island, I highly recommend it! It is off the coast of Stuart, just above West Palm. Only like 2 1/2 hours from Orlando. Here is a picture of the sunset we enjoyed there on the Indian River side. Which is another thing, the Island got to a point where it was only a little wider than the two-lane street we were on. With the Indian River on one side and the Atlantic Ocean on the other side. Very cool.



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2 responses to “The Answer Is…

  1. Thanks for revealing the answer! Wow! I’ve never heard of Hutchinson Island here in Florida! How did you find out about it? Sounds like a great vacation/getaway spot! Very cool…and so beautiful!

  2. Hana

    Hey, my parents live in Stuart! A bunch of my sister’s friends live on Hutchinson Island…pretty cool.

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