What Coast of America is This?

Can you tell me where you think these pictures were taken?



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10 responses to “What Coast of America is This?

  1. rob

    I’ll guess the New England area. Can’t be the Pacific. The ocean in your pictures is on the right. It’s on the left is Cali, Or, and Wash.

  2. PaulF

    Lake Superior?

  3. Pam

    I think Rob is on crack… 🙂

  4. Erik

    Clearly Rob is wrong! The photos could be of the Pacific Coast, but only if the picture was taken while facing south. However upon further examination of the photo we see that Jill’s shadow falls to the left i.e. the west. Therefore, we can safely assume she is on the east coast because everyone knows the sun rises in the east, unless she’s south of the equator where shadows fall backwards.

    Is it Edgewater?

  5. My first thought was the West Coast. But, juding by the low height of all the rocks and such, it can’t be the West Coast because normally their cliffs and rocks are SO much taller & wider. So, by process of elimination, I will guess the East Coast, but I’m not sure if it’s Northeast or South.

  6. Allison

    At first it looks like the Pacific to me, but knowing that some of the grandparents were just in town which meant you and Jason could have a little time to get away…I’m guessing somewhere not too far from Orlando.

  7. Judy Howell

    Allison could be correct, but I was thinking Hawaii

    Looks great.

  8. Interesting comments. What you all do not know is what is right outside the frame of the picture. It could be much larger cliffs, or it could be a road, or who knows maybe the whole thing is just photoshopped or something like that. This could be west coast taking the picture southward and the sun setting in the west casting a left shadow – or east. You never know if the coast is exactly North/South or if there is a little slant one direction or another. And you know nothing is too far from Orlando on a plane.

  9. rob

    folks i was kidding about the whole left/right thing!

    honestly, it looks like the new hampshire coast.

  10. So, Jill…I’m dying to know!!!! What coast are these pictures from? Tell us!!!!! 🙂

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