Recent Pics from Easter

I was uploading some pictures onto my Facebook account last night and realized I hadn’t shared any pics from Easter with you all. And I must say, there are some cute ones. Just click on them to see larger.

My Easter Kids
Easter Kids

Natalie Running for Eggs
runnin for eggs

Nick has got him some eggs!
nick’s eggs

All the cousins before the egg hunt
GA easter cousins



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4 responses to “Recent Pics from Easter

  1. rob

    did nick find a disco egg?

  2. Jen

    Super cute pics. You are better than I am getting them loaded up 🙂

  3. Wow–I couldn’t even get my three kids together for a nice photo, let alone with all of their cousins!

  4. Judy Howell

    What beautiful children.
    I have never seen such a wonderful, well behaved,
    delightful, fun and adorable group of children. They were a joy to be with.

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