Administers of Justice

judgeMy kids must have decided it was there responsibility to be Administers of Justice.

Setting 1 – Chick-Fil-A.

Kids are in the playground while Jason and I are chatting with his cousin and her husband. A mom yells out the door of the play area, “There’s a girl in here with her little brother, and they are pushing and swinging at another little boy.” Immediately my heart sunk to my stomach and I thought, “Oh no, those are our kids.” Jason quickly went in and retrieved them from the large tunnel and had a talkin’ to them. As it turns out, this other kid was apparently “Saying dirty words to us and being mean” (as they put it). To which we of course explained that this was not the way to handle it and did all the stuff of asking them how should they have handled it, what will they do different next time, etc.

Setting 2 – Park Playground

Natalie runs up and explains to my friend, Michele that this little boy (he was actual quite bigger) was growling at them and had made her little girl cry. Well, we all thought that was the end of the issue. But, when I went to tell my kids it was time to go home, I observed my Nicko interacting with this boy. I was wondering if they were playing, then noticed Nicko grabbing a handful of mulch to throw at the boy. That’s right, my sweet boy! I immediately told him to put it down, went threw the whole “that’s not nice. I want you to say your sorry.” etc. When we got home I talked to him more about it in his room and he said that this little boy was saying mean things to them. To which I asked, “Who is them?” So, turns out it was Natalie and a couple other kids too. When I asked Natalie about it, she said, “We told him that he needed to apologize!” and that this boy was saying mean and dirty words, so they started throwing mulch at him and saying mean stuff back. I, then, go through the whole spiel about how those are not appropriate ways to handle it and what should they have done, etc.

So, I sure hope my kids get this concept quickly before we have a setting number 3 or one of them gets clobbered by a kid who will do more then just say dirty words to be mean!!!



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3 responses to “Administers of Justice

  1. So, they didn’t handle things well. But it was sweet to know that Niko was defending his sister.

  2. I love how kids phrase things. K. told me that a girl on her bus told her to be quiet “in the not nice way.”

    They’re learning.

  3. Pam

    Isn’t it amazing how the kids are getting old enough to have “big kid” interactions with other kids. They’re not babies any more. How crazy is that?!

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