Another Great Thing

I discovered another great thing about our mini-van today! We have rear audio controls with headset jacks for headphones. I decided to try it out with the kids.

Well, for one, how great is it that the kids can listen to their own kiddie music and I don’t have to!

And two, I can still listen to mine at the same time through the normal speakers! How cool is that!

Now, there is one flaw to the system. That’s when the kids start singing out LOUD the words to the songs only they can hear! 🙂

minivan audio



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5 responses to “Another Great Thing

  1. Wow, how awesome is that! That ought to help your sanity a good bit.

  2. Anna

    Totally cool! We have those, too, but I haven’t tried them out yet on Evie. Someday soon. I’m so sick of kiddie music!

  3. Pam

    I like it. I get so sick of the kids music sometimes.

  4. dempsey norman

    that boy is so cute

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