Political Calls

Seriously…does anyone really sit and listen to those political phone calls? Especially considering they call like 5 times a day!!!



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4 responses to “Political Calls

  1. I am soooo angry at the call I have gotten on my machine, like, 10 times: “Would you say you are pleased with President Bush?…We will call back…” Quit calling my house!!!! I am on the Do Not Call List for a reason!

  2. Rudy Guliani keeps calling our house. But i think he quite now that he’s left central Florida.

  3. Debra Brady

    We received 7 calls today alone! We don’t even answer our home phone unless we know the person who is leaving a message and want to talk to them.

  4. Hey Jill,
    So fun you found us in the fun blogosphere!!! I’m excited to hear from you and loved looking through your blog. I’ll have to check you out and keep up with you guys now.

    Also, I wanted to say we have a Pilot and we LOVE it so far (5 mths). One thing that is cool for it when you’re thinking about gas mileage is that we have an eco system. when we’re cruising along consistently or using cruise control 2 of our cylinders are deactivated and that saves on gas. I do think one big difference in mini-van vs SUV to look into (though we didn’t get details) is insurance changes. It’s higher with SUVs, but I’m not sure of the difference. Hope that helps.

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