She is 5!

I can’t believe our sweet little girl is already 5 today! She is growing up way too fast! Jason and I have been joking with her and telling her that we weren’t going to let her turn 5. But, alas, we can not stop the days from turning.

Natalie woke up this morning and the first thing she wanted to do was see how tall she was and how much she had grown. She has grown 1 1/2 inches since we checked last!!!

I was reflecting last night on what I love about Natalie. First off, I love her smile with her big dimples! And her eyes are so beautiful! Then, there is her love for life and all things fun! She is so passionate and loyal. Sometimes a bit too determined for her own good. 🙂 And loves to laugh!

We celebrated yesterday by taking her, Nicholas and 2 friends to Pinocchio’s to see the Cinderella marionette puppet show. It was a really great time! Here are some pictures from our time –


puppet show nat

puppet show friends



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6 responses to “She is 5!

  1. Happy 5th Birthday Natalie! I was just thinking of you all this morning because Sierra’s birthday is the same, just a few years older! So, we will always think of Natalie’s birthday whenever we celebrate Sierra’s! :o)

  2. j2andn2

    I thought of that too, Becky! Happy Birthday to Sierra too!

  3. rob

    happy birthday, natalie!

  4. Jen

    Oh I am so sorry! I completely forgot about the party! HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY!! We are so sad we missed it 😦

  5. Allison

    Happy birthday Natalie!

  6. Judy Howell

    Looks like a fun birthday party. Happy Birthday Natalie. We love you. I hope I always remember what Natalie said when I told her it was snowing at my house. She said, “How can it be snowing, it is not Christmas.” I love it. She is precious.
    Love, Gram

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