The Holidays at our House

So the Holidays at our house were busier than I anticipated. You see, I still am in the thought process of the Holidays meaning lots of down time, relaxing, catching up on projects, etc. Well, as I told a friend yesterday, I think those days are over now that we have kids. Three and four year olds don’t really like to sit around! And if we did plan to sit around…they would drive me insane with their fighting picking at each other, so we might as well get out and do fun stuff together. So, here are some of the fun things we did in the last few weeks (click on the pic for a larger view):
We went ice-skating. The kids loved it!
nick skating
nat skating
nat with mommy skating

My brother took us to Disney World – Thanks Scott! We had such a great time! (That’s my niece with us)

Natalie sang at school in a Christmas program.
natalie singing

We went to Celebration and played in the fake snow. We do that every year…it’s really fun. We also go to see Santa, but this year they increased the price to $21 for a picture with him!
natalie snow
nick snow
This is Nick tuckered with his sucker after playing in the snow.
tuckered sucker

Then there was our actual Christmas celebrations –
christmas kids
gingerbread house
nick presents
nat presents
in the ocean
Yes..they were in the ocean two days before Christmas! That’s Christmas in Florida for you!

Then after Christmas we went Camping. That’s right…I went camping! We have never been together as a family, and I pretty much said that I would never go. So, this was a big deal. I must say…it was really fun! I will definitely bring an air mattress next time, as sleeping on the hard ground was not fun at all! One fun thing was sitting around the campfire. I told Natalie that people usually tell ghost stories. So, in the interest of not freaking the kids out, we told simple mild stories and didn’t even mention a ghost. But Natalie, in every story, she would say something like, “Then the ghost would come and eat them all up!” It was hilarious!
camping canoe
turtle on our hike

Jason’s parents came to visit. We had a great time with them. One of the days we went to Seaworld.
gram nick seaworld
crab ride

So that was our Holiday! It was lots of fun! What all did you do for the Holidays?



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3 responses to “The Holidays at our House

  1. Oh my gosh! You guys did tons of stuff. And fun stuff too! Thanks for letting us join you at Sea World. And I’m glad you liked camping. Oh, and as always, your kiddos are cute.

  2. Wow! Busy!! We were too!! We don’t have kids yet, but the holidays have always been crazy busy for us…trying to fit in time with two families, one in Naples and one in Jacksonville. It was FREEZING in Jax this year, but in Naples I was laying out in the sun and swimming in the pool in 80 degree weather…crazy!!

  3. Wow! you guys really did a lot of fun stuff!! That’s wonderful to see and I really love all of your photos!! I can’t believe you went camping!! See, I knew you would like it someday :o). We are trying to plan a camping trip for the kids in the next month or so, too.

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