Sky Mall

One thing I love to do on the plane is look at the Sky Mall catalog. I thoroughly enjoy browsing through it and seeing all the bizarre things people come up with!!! Here are a few that made me laugh on my travels to Texas a couple of weeks ago –

The Runaway Alarm Clock
“This is the alarm clock that rolls away and hides when you hit its snooze button, and it continues to emit a random pattern of beeps and flashes, encouraging drowsy sleepers to seek it out in order to shut it off.” Can you imagine?! Great idea for those that can’t get out of bed.

The Giddyup Core Exerciser

I think just the name of this thing cracks me up!!! Plus the fact that it costs $520!

The PopArt Holiday Toaster

So you can add designs to your toast! Unbelievable!

The Skyrest Pillow
I know this is probably a great concept. I mean how many of us have thought about trying to lay on the pull-down tray inorder to get comfortable? But, I just cannot see pulling this big thing out, blowing it up, and just snoozing away. Especially if I were in the middle seat.

All these products made me think of how much stuff we have available to us in America! It is absolutely ridiculous sometimes! Which reminds me of an article I saw before loading the plan…you can now rent the High-end, name brand purses for $5-$10 a month. Even more ways to look like we can afford stuff, when we really can’t. I guess it’s better than going into debt to pay for that expensive bag.

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One response to “Sky Mall

  1. rob

    Yeah, those things crack me up too. I’ve thought about that pillow but came to the same conclusion: I ain’t draggin that sucker around!

    There’s always some crazy (and almost useful) gadgets in there. But you can find them cheaper elsewhere!

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