Full Brain

Yesterday I mentioned that my brain is full of stuff right now. And that sometimes my brain gets stuck. Do you ever experience that in your life?

Why is my brain full and what is it full of??? Well, we have so many decisions and things to think about (some big and some small). Ranging from travels over the Holidays, where to have Natalie go to Kindergarten next year, lots of ministry activities, decisions, and planning (which I have become more involved in lately and has really picked up), to deciding on a new watch for my birthday (I finally found one after returning the other 2) and normal everyday things of cleaning the house and cooking. And there’s the whole issue of the calendar already filling up as we try to fit meetings and parties in before the Holidays. Then there are fun decisions, like deciding on new everyday plates. Jason told me on our Anniversary that I could shop for some since I have been desiring a change for a while. And would you believe…I can’t make up my mind (imagine that?!). Here are some of my options (not in order of preference), let me know what you think:

plate 1
plate 2
plate 3
plate 4
plate 6
plate 5

Then there are these plates that I saw, but they are discontinued. I could get them through Replacements, ltd., but it would be more expensive. But I feel like I really like them. What do you think?
plate 7
plate 8

As you can see, that decision right there is a lot for my brain…not to mention all I said earlier. If you have any input about the plates, let me know. Thanks!!!



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3 responses to “Full Brain

  1. Hana

    I LOVE the first set…would the plan be to get a bunch of the colors? I think that would be great!

  2. Jen

    Hope you are having fun at Life Group right now 🙂

    I like a combination of the color ones. I like the eclectic look. If I was picking from the top choices I would pick the red, green and yellow together


    the black and white are my favorite! I am hoping I get something similar for Christmas. Check out IKEA too before you decide. The have some cute black and white ones.

  3. I’ve always had a thing for red plates! But, I like all your options (sorry….not much help. I’m TERRIBLE at decisions!)

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