Back from Texas

Hi Y’ALL! I went to Texas last week and had a super time! I was there for a conference with Priority Associates women, but went a day early to see a friend and the house we lived in there. For about 6 years of my childhood, we lived in Texas. Four of those years, we lived in The Woodlands, TX. Which is an amazing place! Great community, land development, lots of trees, super nice people, etc.

We had such great memories there. In fact, when our parents told us we were moving to Kentucky, I asked what state that was in! Texas was just so wonderful. The house we lived in will never be forgotten in my mind. It was beautiful! And my bedroom was like a princess room. It was on the second floor in the section of our house that looked like the tower of a castle. My ceiling in my room even went all the way up in a peak. I loved it!

And yes…I did get to see inside our house! I was so nervous…but decided I would regret it if I didn’t at least ask. I mean, how often do I go to Texas?! The lady was so nice, and remembered every detail of our house before the changes they made – the wall paper, all the blue carpet (my mom was obsessed with blue then), and more. But most of the house was actually still the same. My eyes are tearing up just recalling it. In fact, there was a time the lady was speaking of her grandkids that come over and I thought to myself, “That could’ve been my mom with her grandkids.” awww. Here is a picture of our house:

woodlands house

It was all so great! God was so good to me! I had been so nervous about going to Texas by myself – flying, renting a car, driving, staying at a friend of a friend’s home, all by myself! But it all went so well!!! I truly felt God’s protection and hand leading me the whole time!

And the conference was great too! It was just so nice to be with fellow staff from all across the country and have great, quality conversation, and play Farkel (of which I am the Champion!!!)



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2 responses to “Back from Texas

  1. Wow! That’s so cool! I can’t believe you actually knocked on the door to ask if you could look around for old time’s sake! That sounds like a neat thing to do! The house does look really cute in the picture above. You must have had the turret room for your bedroom? Well, I am glad you had such a great trip!

  2. What a great house! And we have to play Farkle soon….well, when we get back.

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