Ok…so I really like the show Gilmore Girls. In fact, I have missed out on some of the last few seasons because we had a Life Group on Tuesday nights and my husband won’t get a DVR. 🙂

Well, my friend Karin has come to my rescue and loaned me her copies of the show on DVD. It has been awesome! True confessions here…one night Jason was out watching a football game with a friend, so I watched not one, not two, but FIVE episodes in a row of Gilmore Girls! It was so fun!

So, Karin also just blogged about which character from the show she is more like. I also took the quiz and I am most like Sookie! Here is what the results said –

Which Gilmore Girls Character Are You?

You are Sookie. You are bubbly, fun, and a little klutzy. You are devoted and passionate–sometimes to the point of obsession.
Find Your Character @

Well, I may just go watch an episode right now.



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4 responses to “Sookie

  1. karintome

    Do you cook like Sookie? Because if you do, I think that could work out VERY well for our little friendship…… 🙂

    And if you think Season 5 is good, just wait ’till Season 6. It’s a doozy!

  2. Jen

    I used to watch Gilmore Girls all the time but started loosing touch the last 2 seasons.

    Here’s what mine said:

    You are Lorelai. You are energetic, perky, and witty, but sometimes your unique sense of humor can confuse people. You are well-liked by all, but you have trouble with commitment.

  3. Apparently, I am most like Sookie, too. But, I have never even watched one episode, so I don’t know anything about the characters? How many are there in all?

  4. j2andn2

    Becky…you’re missing out! Its a fun show! As for how many characters are there? I can think of 5 women off the top of my head that would probably be noteworthy for the quiz.

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