Pre-K Openhouse

We went to Natalie’s pre-K openhouse tonight. We were able to go in her classroom and look at all the work they have done so far. Which, I must say, I was impressed with how much they have already done and learned in a little over a month. She is learning how to write her letters and numbers, about the ocean, community helpers and more.

And I must add here, that I don’t really ever hear from Natalie what she learned. All she tells me about is the social aspect of her day. Which kid is nice, which one is not so nice, who was put in time-out or didn’t follow the rules, and so on. That’s my social, rule-enforcing butterfly!

My favorite from tonight, was where the teacher wrote down what kids said their mommy or daddy did. Natalie said, “My daddy goes to work. And comes home to give me kisses.”

How sweet is that?!



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3 responses to “Pre-K Openhouse

  1. Hi Jill! Love your blog! I left an answer comment for you back on my site under your comment….send me an email and we’ll chat. =)


  2. Judy Howell

    Natalie is so sweet. I am glad she is enjoying her preK class. She is soaking everything in. I enjoyed spending time with everyone last weekend.
    Love, Gram

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