Funny Nicko

NickoLately Nicholas has been saying,
“I can’t do it. My hands are too tired.” or
“I can’t do it. I am too busy.”

But the best was today when he made a combo out of the two-
“Mommy, can you pick me up?”
And I said, “No. You can walk.”
Nicko said, “But my feet are too busy.”

On a side note – Our A/C is back up for the time being. We had another company come out yesterday and he made a temporary fix. You can pray with us that it will last long enough until we get a new unit put in.



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6 responses to “Funny Nicko

  1. no a/c in Florida is the worst! when we first moved into this house we had over a week without one before we could get someone to come and install a new system. It was horribly hot!

  2. loved Nick’s latest and I hope you get new a/c soon. We got a new one this year and it is wonderful~

  3. Pam

    Sooo funny! I love it!

  4. kids say the funniest things!

  5. Judy Howell

    Nicholas is so previous. Whatever he says melts my heart. From his Gram.

    Are you staying cool these days?

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