Our A/C is Toast

That’s right my friends! It is August in Florida, and our air conditioning is broken!


frozen ACI knew there was a problem when I woke up the other night and checked the thermostat. It was 80 degrees in our house, although it was set for 75! So, Jason opened the unit yesterday to find it completely frozen over with ice! All the white stuff you see on the coils in the pic, is solid ice!

We had a company come out today and sure enough, the thing is TOAST! So, we are in the process of figuring out getting a new one. The company today did say they could replace it today, but we weren’t too impressed with his price or his attitude! I informed him that we wanted to get some other quotes and the guy said, “Well, nobody else is going to get it installed for you today. You’ll be calling me back (he said this 2 more times before he left).” And I replied, “Well, we like to be wise and usually like to do research and cover all our bases before we spend this much money!” And to which I also THOUGHT, “And with that kind of attitude from you, it makes me not want to use you at all!”

But out of this whole situation so far, I am thankful for our friends, Eric and Marianne, who lent us a window unit for our bedroom! And I am thankful for a pool in our back yard! That is where we spent most of the evening tonight.



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3 responses to “Our A/C is Toast

  1. Allison


    Unfortunately, we’re right there with you. Our A/C went out yesterday too! Lucky for us, we are related to some great guys in the A/C business who were able to come out and fix it quickly…it’s good to know good people. Best of luck getting your’s repaired!


  2. Pam

    YUCK! Did you get it figured out yet?

  3. rob

    oh man! that’s tough. you can always come to our house too.

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