First Day of School

first day of schoolToday was Natalie’s first day of school! She really loves it! She said she liked the playground, friends, and teacher.

I handled it really well. I only teared up when they gave me this little “Mommy bag” that had a poem on the front and little goodies in the bag. Phrases like – “Mommy, mommy can’t you see. I’m in preschool, look at me!…Mommy, mommy some tissues for you to dry your tears, a milestone of many of the coming years….Mommy, mommy remember me so, take my photo keychain wherever you go!”

So, we did all have a great day. It’ll be interesting to see how our year shapes out with this new phase of life.



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6 responses to “First Day of School

  1. Lera Jackson

    Hey Jill! Could you e-mail me everything about the mommy bag? I want to make something like that for my K-3 moms. I meet them on Friday and our first day is Monday the 27th. Thanks so much!! Lera (Rob’s sister)

  2. Jason

    I wish they would have prepared something for the fathers. What do they think we are not interested?

  3. Judy Howell

    Natalie is the prettiest and the smartest I am sure!!!!!

    Love, Gram

  4. Natalie looks so cute…all ready to go! She looks like she could pose for a child photo shoot or ad for back-to-school styles! 🙂

  5. I remember my daughter’s first day. I couldn’t help but drive around and around the play yard watching her play and make new friends. Enjoy this time!

    (and thanks for visiting my blog – I was having problems and didn’t see your post until now)

  6. Kristin

    my word, you have a heart breaker on your hands!

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