That was what I was told about my Delta Skymiles tonight!

Apparently my account was inactive for more than 3 years, so I lost my miles! All 38,000 of them! Can you believe it? I mean, I know I hadn’t flown Delta in a while, but I didn’t know at what point they went inactive! I am so bummed! Especially since we were looking to redeem those miles for a flight this winter. I tried everything! I begged the guy to please let me get them back. But, alas, they are GONE!

So, take this as a reminder to check your miles, and keep them activated!



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  1. rob

    Oh that is such a bummer and a good reminder!

  2. Oh, that stinks, Jill! I am truly sorry about that. I hardly ever fly, so I don’t even have miles to keep track of, but if I ever do, I will learn from your experience. So sorry about the whole thing for you…:o(

  3. Jill!!! I FEEL YOUR PAIN!!! I fly Delta and it is SO frustrating. My dad lost 60,000 miles in one day. ONE DAY. (see? I’m yelling). And I flew to Thailand and they never gave me my miles.

    However, since that unfortunate day, I learned a valuable tip. Sign up for their emails and if you just do some activity on your account, you won’t lose your miles. You don’t even have to fly…you just have to answer dumb survey questions or burn some for a magazine subscription or something like that.

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